Marching orders are in

Anti-US Protests Looming in Spain
Prensa Latina – Havana,Cuba
Madrid, May 31 (Prensa Latina) Trade unions, social organizations, groups of friendship with Cuba and other institutions are expected to take part in a …
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Spanish militants (communists, anarchists, etc.) and the MSM will act accordingly.

4 thoughts on “Marching orders are in”

  1. You really have to read a comment like the one below in the full context to appreciate just how delusional and impotent these internationalist, paper-pushing policy wonks are. Dig this gem from Dan Fried “Assistant Secretary for European and Eurasian Affairs”:
    “I don’t see Castro particularly like a man of the left because I don’t think that the biggest tradition of the left is dictatorship. I think he is simply a dictator,” he added.
    Predictably, a certified “man of the left” like Dan Fried sees nuance where the clear thinking among us see a redundant term, i.e. “leftist dictator”. What other tradition is there on the left? This type of lunacy would be hilarious if people’s lives weren’t in the balance.
    If anyone still has the stomach after reading that quote:

  2. Chuckwalla,
    Yeah that’s pretty nausiating. We’ve gotten to the point that we don’t even comment on stuff from leftist sites like Raw Story. If we did, we’d be on the computer countless more hours than we aleady are. We try to focus on the supposedly objective MSM. And with that we have our hands full.

  3. Just had dinner before reading this post and I’m about to lose it.
    Unlike most of my hispanic friends, I’ve never in my life been a fan of “la madre patria” and even less so after reading the exploits of the Spanish in the Americas back in history class. While I’m certain that Spain has decent citizens like any other place, in my travels there they generally came across as an arrogant, foul-smelling bunch quite convinced that Central and South America are still colonies of the crown.
    The only reason Spain has stepped up to the 21st century is its desire to belong @ the EU; it has been a backwater, backward place since the Jews and the Arabs — and many Christians — were systematically expelled back in the 15th century. Historically and per capita, it doesn’t produce smart people; it doesn’t embrace progress. It has relied on the cultures that it absorbs for the measure of finesse that it has. These days, my respect for the Spanish goes further and further south as time goes on and as more of their nasty dealings in Cuba come to light. No surprise, then, that they’ve treated Cuba the same way they treated everyone else they slaughtered when they came to this continent.
    So the news of anti-US protests is small change: some of the most obscene signs I’ve ever seen during anti-American demonstrations have been photographed, not in France or Iran, but in Spain. Aznar aside, they dislike us as much as they crave our dollars; they have an inflated superiority complex that is totally baseless. Little Israel cranks out more Nobel winners in one decade than Spain has had in all its history. Like much of Europe, it’s become a haven and hatching nest for plotting terrorists and, as Henry points out, a feeding trough for anarchists and other undesirables.
    So, when I read that “The United States hopes that Spain will use its influence over Cuba to help bring democracy to the communist Caribbean island, a senior US official said Thursday in a newspaper interview…” it makes my blood pressure, which is usually quite low, fly above the roof of my house. I can’t tell whether US officials are really that moronic or this is just another dark joke from the dark side. For Spain has done nothing but pillage and steal since Isabella and Ferdinand sat on their puny thrones. To recruit the fox for purposes of setting the chickens free is an insult to the most mediocre intelligence, not to mention the Cuban exile community.
    My apology for the vent …. but this has to be the very last straw with all else going on.

  4. The Spanish still can’t let what happened in 1898 go. They can’t accept that either with or without US help, Cuba was NOT going to remain a Spanish colony. They still have a pathological sense of entitlement, as if they have a RIGHT to profit at Cuba’s expense because, after all, Cuba is rightfully theirs. They still see Cubans as inferior subjects or people who should be subordinate to Spanish interests. There’s a lot of dysfunctional psychology at work. And of course, there’s always plain old greed, not to mention hijeputez (son-of-a-bitchness).

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