Jimmy Carter: The Dictator’s Friend in Cubazuela

Dictators have always had heard the dinner triangle when the name ‘Jimmy Carter’ was brought up. castro used to have a particularly good time at the feast. Laughing behind the moron’s back, the bearded machiavel would pretend he’d want something, like diplomatic relations, because he’s jes’ a peacelovin’ man, and Carter would bend over backwards to give such recognition to him, even hiding his moves to please the dictator from the American people as he did in 1977, issuing a secret directive to establish good relations with castro. In reality, castro wanted trade credits, recognition and all the largess the U.S. could give him, and he knew just who to go to for that.
Carter was always the dictator’s friend.
Nowadays, we hear about Jimmy Carter’s role in entrenching Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez by endorsing a fraudulent recall referendum in 2004. Carter knew it was a fraud and just wanted to get out of there, so he called it ‘free and fair’ without evidence and went home. It was a disgrace. It also destroyed Venezuela’s democracy.
But Carter played a little known second role in creating Venezuela’s current media turmoil, too.
Carter helped weaken the free press, too. Venezuela once had four independent TV stations and all were critical of then-wannabe dictator Hugo Chavez. Chavez especially hated one of the TV statio owners, Gustavo Cisneros, a Cuban-Venezuelan, sadly enough, and he threatened to shut down his TV station, called Venevision, in 2004.
Carter stepped in and mediated a secret meeting between Cisneros and Chavez. The net result was that Venevision got to live. But it dropped its editorial line and ceased all criticism of Hugo Chavez. Shortly after that, another big station, Televen adopted the same appeasement of the dictator and it too ceased all criticism of Chavez.
That appeasement chain, each hoping the crocodile would eat it last, left giant TV station RCTV, along with its tiny ally Globovision, standing alone, and much easier for Chavez to single out and pick off.
That’s what Chavez did this weekend, and the rest is history. Venezuelans have lost their freedom of speech as a dictator continues downward with a castroite blueprint for total control of information, total control of the economy, total control of the culture and total control of the polity.
Thank you Jimmy Carter. Not only have you contributed to the rise of Venezuela’s political dictator, you’ve had a hand in destroying the people’s right to complain about it too. /s
What a legacy.
Investor’s Business Daily has the story of how Jimmy Carter undermined Venezuela’s free press with Hugo Chavez’s help in this story here. (link fixed!)

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  1. I think Carter must have some sort of personality disorder. His behavior strikes me as irrational. When someone’s been as miserably bad a president as he was, the only sensible course is to keep the lowest possible profile and stay the hell away from politics, ESPECIALLY foreign policy. If he wanted to “redeem” himself, he should have stuck to purely charitable-type pursuits.
    But NO, he persists in desperately seeking notice, meddling in things he has no business in, and generally making an obnoxious ass of himself. That wouldn’t be so bad if he weren’t causing any real harm, but he has and is. The guy is a glorified, sanctimonious low-life. What a total JERK.

  2. Hey, give’em a break. He is A) spooked about UFO’s, B) had coke fiends working for him in the White House, C) has to live with “lust in his heart” and D) comes from the same gene pool as Billy Carter. It aint easy being the Peanut man
    I know McGovern’s daughter studied at U de la Habana, but I swear I once heard Amy Carter studied there too. Any one know?

  3. This dude has been deranged for a very, very loooong time. He’s a small package wrapped up in himself.
    If you study his post-1980 loser life, you will find him injecting himself in every possible situation that would give him 60 seconds of fame. And that’s pre- and post-Nobel prize. To show you the extent of his narcissism, he sent me a form letter years ago when he abandoned the southern baptist church over his very unorthodox views. I was furious that the Carter center would have my address for junk mail, but what apparently happened was that he had taken the mailing list of Habitat volunteers (and probably all members of baptist churches in the US) and sent them the unsolicited letter.
    He has a misplaced messianic complex and has been unable, for the last half of his life, to face the fact that he botched up his presidency and has trashed our constitutional form of goverment everywhere he goes: yes, Jimmah’s never come across any dictator he doesn’t schooze with.
    A ver cuando canta el manisero ……….

  4. I will say this, stop me if you heard it before : Three guys are in a bookstore in the Gables, well known: a certain Jewish author who won the nobel prize for literature, a certain author who has a death sentence against him, and an ex-president from a southern state who also won the nobel prize, this one for peace at different times hel book signing there. Said bookstore has a nice marble top table that all of them had signed on their previous visits. One of the authors says it would make a hell of a poker table. Some one close by said “With those signatures it would make a hell of a poker game.” “Naw,” quipped the author, “this one could never bluff” pointing to the ex-president’s name.

  5. I have a long list of names for this boob, here are some of my favorites:
    Comunista, castrista, antisemita, chavista, y ayatolista.
    El tipo se gano la rifa del guanajo. THE WORST PRESIDENT IN THE HISTORY OF THIS NATION!

  6. Yep, of all the nasties that we can muster to depict him, the worst of all is his rabid anti-semitism dressed up in peacekeeping jargon. I don’t think anything about Jimmah is benign and neither do I believe he’s misguided; I think he’s a snake in the grass.

  7. For all your talk about the MSM following the castro line, I would expect Babalu readers to do their own research rather than following ANYone’s line. Yes, Jimmy Carter is considered one of the worst presidents of the 20th Century, but I ate more bologna during the Reagan administration than I am now eating BS from Bush. Jimmy Carter did not make a good president because 1) He is honest, 2) He was inexperienced, and 3) Because he believes in the best of people.
    As for his anti-semitism, how many other U.S. presidents have been able to broker peace for Israel with its Muslim neighbors? It was Carter who brought Sadat into a room and brokered a peace no one before or since has been able. If peace in the middle east was the central goal of his presidency, how can you say he is anti-semitic? Secondly, although the rescue attempt ended in failure, it was Carter, not Reagan, who freed the American hostages held in Iran for 144 days. Reagan was yet to be sworn in as president when the hostages loaded a plane for Germany.
    As for his personality disorder, men from St. Francis to Christ have been called crazy for their devotion to peace and justice in the world. If you read Carter’s writings, you’ll find a man well-versed in scripture and God’s love and grace. You will also find another perspective than the Cuban American experience. Carter survived the Great Depression, an experience many Cuban Americans missed. I have great respect for all Cubans who escaped castro’s Cuba and had the courage to start a new life in a foreign country with only the clothes on their backs. (And the majority of whom have become overwhelmingly successful in a short amount of time.) Many Americans had a similar experience in their own country, losing everything they owned and leaving their homes in search of work and food for their families. Carter’s family chose peanut farming on land they were able to scrimp and save to purchase. Does his choice of Georgia’s cash crop make him less intelligent or a bumpkin? I consider it an astute business move from a man surviving one of the worst times in American history.
    No, I don’t think Jimmy Carter is a saint, or even an exceptionally astute politician and “dictator-solver,” but I do believe he follows his heart and beliefs without ulterior motives or political spin. So before you buy the republican line on Jimmah, learn a little more about the man from his perspective.

  8. Carter was a terrible president because he was unfit for the job. It doesn’t matter why; the point is he was unfit and never should have occupied the White House. The FIRST thing he needs to do is to admit that, clearly and plainly, certainly before he says ONE word against ANY other administration. Makes no difference how good or bad Bush may be; Carter has NO right to criticize ANYBODY, period. If he’s as “humble” as he’d like to be perceived, let him humble himself. If he’s truthful, let him tell the truth about himself and his term in office. I have yet to see or hear that, and I doubt he’ll ever do it. That’s one reason I have no respect for him, especially given his holier-than-thou posturing.
    It’s not just that an incompetent in the White House looks really bad. Carter bears very significant responsibility for a lot of serious harm, not just during his term but down to the present and, unfortunately, almost certainly into the future. The horrors perpetrated in Nicaragua by the Sandinistas, whom he coddled and “saw the best in,” are still yielding poisoned fruit. The takeover of Iran by dangerous fanatics is still very much with us and getting more dangerous and threatening by the day. There’s more, but why go on?
    If someone is too naive or too stupid to
    realize it’s not only useless but potentially suicidal to try “seeing the best” in horrible people, then he’s at best a fool–and if he’s in the White House, he’s a damn dangerous fool. I can’t believe Carter is CONSTANTLY trying to insert himself into things which are not only none of his business but in which he’s QUITE out of his depth. The single example of his little stunt in Venezuela, effectively blessing Chavez and his clearly dictatorial machinations, speaks volumes. If I were Venezuelan, I’d want Carter’s head on a plate.
    The guy is hubris in sanctimonious clothing. I don’t buy his supposed piety for a second. I sure as hell don’t want him meddling in anything that may potentially affect me, especially when nobody has authorized him to do it. So please, spare me the pro-Carter apologias. I reject them, and not because of what any Republican says. I can see and think for myself, thanks. The guy stinks on ice.

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