Wolf Blitzer Corners Ricardo Alarcon

CNN correspondent Wolf Blitzer, appearing on “The Situation Room,” slammed Cuban Assembly President Ricardo Alarcon in an extended live interview. Among the subjects bluntly approached by Blitzer during the interview were reports by a variety of human rights NGOs – including Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International and the International Red Cross – criticizing the Castro regime for it’s atrocious record in the area. Alarcon, unable to counter the questions, simply ignored them, choosing instead to criticize the United States’ democratic systems.
Interestingly, when pressed about the condition of Cuban “president” Fidel Castro, Alarcon repeatedly looked off to his left while providing his shaky answer. Ricky, baby . . . the jig’s up!

11 thoughts on “Wolf Blitzer Corners Ricardo Alarcon”

  1. If the press starts getting tough with Cuba it means one of two things:
    1. They are afraid that their record with Cuba will be an embarrasement soon.
    2. They feel that this is the beginning of the end and they are bailing on castro.

  2. Pototo:
    Perhaps you are correct, I want to jump up and down in joy, but it could be so tremendous that I dare not be so positive. Yet even Filomeno would agree
    this really sounds good.

  3. I saw most of the interview, and was pleasantly surprised by Blitzer’s relatively tough questioning on human rights and the “Cuban 5” and not surprised by Tricky Ricky’s lies and misdirections.
    Simply put, Alarcon is a lying sack of shit.
    On the human rights questions, he was embarassing as he whined about how Amnesty, Human Rights Watch, etc. were picking on Cuba. Blitzer did leave unchallenged Alarcon’s assertion that political prisoners are American mercenaries and that the worst place in Cuba is the U.S. base at Gitmo. But overall, it was a good showing by Blitzer.

  4. Did anyone else notice the smirk on Alarcon’s face when he was talking about the Bearded one’s health? It was almost as if he couldn’t keep a straight face.

  5. Never mind. Just watched it on toutube and at the end their was a plug for freethefive. What a joke from a youtube flunky.

  6. castro’s cold lifeless body’s being waxed in preparation for the glass coffin he’s going to be sealed up in..

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