A new concept

I received these pics from my brother from a different family, Joel, who happens to be in Dallas attending a wedding. He writes, “look at the name of the biggest club in Dallas.” Can you guess? (See below the fold.)
For myself, I suggest we open these new restaurant concepts, kinda like Outback Steakhouse. Hell, they can even modify that tag line: “No rules, just wrong.”

  • The Stalin Supper Club, with all steel fixtures;
  • Hitler’s Hideaway, open all night, no Jews or Gypsies permitted in the dining area;
  • The Melting Pol Pot, excellent fondue with a touch of indoctrination.



8 thoughts on “A new concept”

  1. OMG!! I actually choked on my iced tea from gasping when I saw this! WTF???????? I am going to send them a list of Che’s victims, a picture of the Cuban Memorial and some facts about their namesake.
    If anyone else would like to enlighten the stupid, here is the address:
    10333 Technology Blvd.
    Dallas, Texas 75220
    The email is info@clubche.com
    I do not understand why people continue to glorify this piece of crap. I’m going to just give these flaming ignoramuses the benefit of the doubt and assume they have their heads in their culos.

  2. These people are probably just doing this as a fashion statement, obviously for business purposes. They don’t know any better and I doubt they care. It’s just radical chic exotica to them. I mean, if it’s cool for celebrities and “progressive” types to sport the damn photo on their persons, what’s the big deal? If the Estefans saw no real problem with using Santana on their “90 Miles” project, what the hell can you expect from people in Dallas?

  3. I lived in Dallas for a long time, but long before this atrocity was built. None of my relatives still in the area would go near that place.

  4. Are they going to franchise? What’s next, “Adolph’s Barbeque (it’s a gas)”?
    Mindless Moronic Maggots. Hipsters and trendies are the Kryptonite of Stoooopid™

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