During my interview yesterday with Hank Tester, I commented on something Ive been wanting write about for some time now. All the media manipulations going on in Cuba, specifically since last year’s announcement that fidel castro would cede power to his brother raul, arent just an attempt by the government to remain in power. They arent going through all these measures, media wise, only to show how wonderful and great the revolution is.
The concern is that with the death of fidel castro, so comes the death of his revolution. And the only way to keep that revolution alive, in a post-castro world, is to lionize the bearded tyrant. Barrage the world with the “greatness” of Cuba’s healthcare. Shove the “100% literacy rate” down the world’s throat. Express solidarity with anti-Americanism by making fidel castro, clearly the poster boy of said anti-Americanism, into a David that beat the Goliath to his North.
fidel castro once said that history would absolve him. Yet the only way to do that, given the thousands upon thousands of deaths he’s responsible for, given Cuba’s dismal human rights record, given the revolution’s ruination of a nation, a culture and a people, is to rewrite history. To make the world forget the paredon. To make the world forget crowded Cuban gulags. To make the world forget all the deaths at sea of those whose only hope was to live in freedom.
What we are seeing lately, as the Cuban government manipulates truth, as the world media sheepishly give in to the whims and demands of said government, as the world ignores the inhumanity of the Cuban regime, is the creation of a fictional absolution, fidel castro’s absolution, from thin air.

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  1. I missed the video. Did the fidel interview mention anything current, other than the visit with the Vietnamese? If not, it’s probably stock footage.
    Again, my guess is sometime, probably after fidel took that header into the crowd, the Cuban government took a lot of pictures and video, meant as “proof of life” should fidel really die. They lined up pictures and video of visits made by visitors they can encourage to re-visit the island at various intervals after the death to occasion the “release” of the footage.

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