The Senate’s Immigration “Debate”

If you are interested in following the debate going on in the Senate regarding the latest Immigration bill, Michelle Malkin has been live blogging it the past two days (Monday and Wednesday).
In my opinion, it seems cheap labor and future votes completely outweigh border security, homeland security and the security of our current legal residents and citizens. This is definitely something we all, no matter which side you favor, should be involved in and something the Senate should not be trying to push through at the speed of light.

3 thoughts on “The Senate’s Immigration “Debate””

  1. Maybe I am in the minority here, but I think immigration is a good thing.
    1) I think it helps the economy. There is still a slew of jobs that for lack of a better word or expression, no one else is willing to do. Remember the Cuban experience: Our grandparents took jobs no one else wanted or was willing to do at that wage.
    2) I think it leads to future productivity. Immigrants today will have sons and daughters born in the states. Many here are “first generation” born in the states. I think on the whole, the Italians, the Irish, the Vietnamese, all the immigrant groups have had success from the first gen born in the states.
    The problem may be the limit set on “legal” immigration, and the way it is regulated.

  2. Daniel, most of us don’t oppose legal immigration, we do oppose illegal immigration. Being married to a legal immigrant, both my spouse and I do not agree with “rewarding” illegal immigrants.
    However, if you’ve been following the debate, the bill being proposed has “no pies ni cabezas” and seems to pose more of a danger as there are not enough ammendments to ensure visas are not being given to criminals or to promise that we will have a secure system in place in our borders before this goes.
    Under this new bill ANYONE here illegally who’s not in jail can get the probationary Z visa in about 24 hours.
    That worries the heck out of me.

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