Babalu Radio Hour, Moncada Edition

At 8:00 PM Tonight click the image below to listen live. Otherwise click the link later on to listen to the archive. Tonight we’ll have Antonio de la Cova PhD, whose new book The Moncada Attack is available now.
Dr. de la Cova has spent 31 years researching the events of that fateful day and the aftermath that we are still living. He interviewed more than 115 people for the book as well.
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6 thoughts on “Babalu Radio Hour, Moncada Edition”

  1. This book should be banned from the Miami-Dade public schools. My Center for Cubanologo Studies at FIU will write a review of this book that we will have our ACLU attorney John The Lionhearted present with an injunction before Federal court. We are alleging that this spurious work offends and violates the human rights of statesman and world leader Fidel Castro. We will ask attorney Ira Kurzban to join this case amicus curia.

  2. It was a great interview gentlemen, fascinating. I’m really looking forward to reading this book.

  3. I agree with Lisandro that this book should be banned from the Miami-Dade public schools. It is blatant anti-Castro propaganda. Just look at all those bloody dead and wounded rebels on the cover. It’s going to scare the school kids that see that cover. You should really take it off your website. It makes me nauseous. I hope that I don’t have nightmares as a result.

  4. This is obviously not a serious history book if it took 31 years to research. Why, I have written 31 books on the Cuban economy in less time than that! Why did they use that ugly photo of Fidel Castro on the cover? He is beardless and has a double chin! This is apparently an attempt to besmirch the image of the Cuban revolutionary leader. I also recommend that this book should be kept out of the Miami-Dade public schools.

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