Image is Everything

The Bolivarian Fashion Police just issued fidel castro a citation for indecent overexposure in a tracksuit.
According to, the Venezuelan dictator and castro worshipper, Hugo Chavez, isn’t happy with his idol’s recent fashion risks and is pining for the days of olive military garb:

“I believe the time has come to return to wearing the uniform,”
“We want you in uniform … That’s an order,” he joked.

Sounding even more delusional than usual, Chavez praised his totalitarian mentor on his recent appearance on “Mesa Retonta” as El Guinero puts it:

“Fidel, I congratulate you for your interview on television. He spoke for four hours, almost a speech,”

The “interview” was actually 50 minutes of highly edited unintelligible senile ramblings.
Maybe Chavez means that the taping took four hours and that the agonizing 50 minutes that aired were the best snippets out of the whole four hours.
In any event, anyone who saw the castro interview with an IQ above room temperature in winter, would reach the obvious realization that Chavez’s “father” will no longer be around to help him steer Venezuela into the abyss of XXI Century Socialism. But Chavez, being the revolutionary that he is, is compelled to cast reality aside and profess whatever absurdity he deems necessary to achieve his goal of creating a Soviet-Style “Federation of Republics” in the Americas financed by Venezuelan Petro-Dollars.
If you’re going to achieve such a lofty goal, you MUST wear the right outfit.
After all, when there’s no substance, image is everything.

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  1. Miami Herald thinks Morales is president of Brazil see
    Brazilian president in Cuba; will he see Fidel?
    HAVANA —
    (AP) — Bolivian President Evo Morales arrived in Cuba Thursday morning for a visit with top officials, state media reported. It was not clear if that included a meeting with ailing leader Fidel Castro.
    Cuba’s Radio Reloj said Vice President Carlos Lage greeted Morales at the airp

  2. It is so sad, not to mention infuriating, that so many people could possibly have made this grotesque asshole president of any country. Even apart from politics and ideology, the guy has BAD NEWS written all over him. And when you factor in his known background (which WAS known) and his open admiration for a monstrous failure like Castro, how insane (or worse) does somebody have to be to vote for him? The mind boggles.

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