LULAC honors Cuban prisoners

Berta Soler Fernández

Berta Soler Fernández, the wife of Cuban political prisoner Angel Moya Acosta, is awaiting a government decision on whether it will allow her to travel to Chicago next month to participate in a forum on human rights in Latin America, during the national convention for the League of United Latin American Citizens, or LULAC.
Soler, and the other Damas de Blanco (Ladies in White) — of which Soler is a co-founder — are grateful for the invitation.
“I am very proud and touched for being invited to a forum on human rights,” Soler said, according to a story by independent journalist Carlos Serpa Maceira, posted at the Damas de Blanco’s Web site. “This invitation confirms that our struggle has not been in vain. The Damas de Blanco see this invitation from LULAC as a gesture of solidarity with and recognition of the struggle to the end for the unconditional liberation of all Cuban political prisoners.”
But Soler knows it is way too early for her to pack her bags. The government in the past has denied permission for representatives of the Damas de Blanco to travel overseas.
“Generally, the authorities don’t give an answer, and the date arrives, then you can’t travel,” Soler said.
LULAC should be commended for inviting Soler and — whether or not she is allowed to attend — drawing attention to political prisoners in Cuba, and efforts to free them.
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