3 thoughts on “Oye Mi Rumba”

  1. Love it ZIVA! Hendrix eat your heart out! Also, it may be good to point out that the singer is not playing a guitar but an instrument native to Cuba called a “Tres”. If you look closely at the video the instrument as three sets of two strings –hence the name tres! It’s even got a capo on the second fret creating a D chord, which is done to facilitate improvisations (most singable songs are either in the key of D or G, and both require a D chord.) Thanks for the clip! I actually own a tres and I’m always on the look out to see clippings of people playing it and perhaps learn a trick or two!

  2. I didn’t comment on the Tres because I thought it obvious, but you are right to note it for those not familiar with what is to me a “guitar” with the voice of an angel.

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