Chavez Offers Another Threat to Cuban Citizens

The Venezuelan government of Hugo Chavez has ceased to be merely a threat to its own citizens and now threatens the natural progression to democracy on the island of Cuba. Last week, Chavez called for the creation of a new defense pact between Venezuela, Cuba, Nicaragua, and Bolivia. Under the auspices of the four-nation Bolivarian Alternative for the Americas (ALBA), this new pact would act – according to Chavez – to “prepare our people for defense so that nobody makes any mistakes with us.”
This raises some major new problems with regards to the Cuba conundrum. What if some sort of civil action were to arise in Cuba against her Stalinist oppressors? Cuba’s army is today no more than a shadow of its former self. The days of Soviet military subsidies are long-gone and any real threat to the island’s power base could spark a response by Chavez, who might very well send troops to the island in a bid to maintain the status-quo. This sort of conflict would no doubt spark a migration crisis in the Florida Straits, thus drawing U.S. troops into the front lines and creating a violent blood bath that could take the lives of countless innocents.
ALBA, originally created as a socialist-leaning trade group, is now charged with maintaining the present systems in place in Venezuela and Cuba. Drawing Nicaragua and Bolivia into a new defense pact seems like nothing more than a bid by Chavez to tell the world: “Look, others support us to!”
The bottom line is, Chavez is worried. Castro and the revolution are on their collective death bed. When the revolution dies – when Chavez’s own supporters (already growing increasingly disenchanted) see the cathartic outpouring of joy sure to occur with the death of Stalinism in Cuba – the jig will be up. Chavez will be left essentially alone and the anger he’s sowed in both Venezuela and Cuba will most likely come back to him in spades.

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  1. No offense but are you delusional? In the 48 years Castro has been in power, there have not been any manifestations against him since the very early 1960s.
    In the 1990s the only time people took to the streets was because they were starving.
    Now you’re worried that a potential insurrection would get trampled by Chavez and this silly pact? *Reality check* The only people that really want Castro gone have left the island. Most of the people who stayed are used to his regime, and complascent that they get what they need to survive without working.

  2. Pingazo,
    What I’m referring to mainly is any potential struggle to push for democratic reforms by the military hierarchy. Of course, the problem with that potential windfall comes from the fact that Cuba’s generals receive cash from the tourism industry thus, I’m not so sure that they’d want to give up the purse strings in the quest for democracy in Cuba.
    Going further – “The only people that really want Castro gone have left the island.”
    This is a patently false notion. Point-of-fact: I don’t know if you’ve traveled to the island in recent years and actually sat down with “average joes” there. That said – the vast majority of Cuba’s citizens are simply anti-Castro. There is no – nor has there been in quite a long time – any real love for the commandante. I have asked the question on numerous occasions – “what percentage of the island do you feel is against the current system?” Time-after-time I receive the same reply – always somewhere between 60 and 75 percent.
    “In the 48 years Castro has been in power, there have not been any manifestations against him since the very early 1960s.”
    Very true however, there is hope nowadays on the island that after the death of Fidel, the wheels of change will pick up momentum. Why do think reports have begun to emerge of Cuban generals moving financial holdings off the island? While it’s true that Fidel has done a superb job of subjugating the island’s population – I feel as though no amount of repressive measures, no amount of arrest-crackdowns – will be able to stop something from occurring. The party’s over. Kaput. Fin. Terminado.
    PS: Almost forgot – I would also point out the fact that the Venezuelan military has already been sending military advisers to the island. This has been well documented in the MSM.
    Thanks for the comment!
    -Anatasio Blanco

  3. It should be understood that Venezuelan troops would end at the bottom of the Caribbean if they dare try! Don’t even climb into the boats or into planes boys. It’s a suicide mission.

  4. From my experiences going to Cuba, I have not seen, heard, or witnessed a 60-75% opposition to Fidel. The dissidents on the island continue to remain anonymous, irrelevant, and on the fringe.
    What I tend to believe is that most people DO want some sort of change. But Fidel is revered as the David versus Goliath. He is the who has prevailed regardless of any obstacle put in front of him. Fidel for all intents and purposes is a celebrity in Cuba.
    I resent most parallels between Cuba and Venezuela. Venezuelans overwhelmingly elected Chavez – twice. EVERYONE knew what he was about when he tried to take power in the ’98 coup. Fidel stole power, much like Batista, on the pretenses of liberal democratic reforms – only to show his true colors once he was in power.
    I have very little sympathy for what the 30% opposition in Venezuela is going through now. It is the will of the people for Chavez to be in power; something that will never be said about Fidel.

  5. Pingazo,
    Fidel is only revered as a “David vs. Goliath” by foreigners watching from the sidelines.
    That sort of notion was also trumpeted by the Today Show’s Matt Lauer who recently referred to the old adage in Cuba – “No es facil.” Lauer asserted that the statement is often made referencing the idea that life is so difficult as a result of the U.S. position when in fact, anyone who grew up on the island or still lives there – would tell you it’s actually the opposite – a direct reference to the privations suffered by so many as a result of Fidel’s megalomania.
    The large manifestations against the U.S., held in supposed adoration of Fidel in Havana? You’d be going too if government cadres bussed you in from your place of employment and were forced to attend for fear of losing a job.
    One Cuban woman I recently interviewed put it best:
    “They force us to go to these ridiculous demonstrations. They force our children to shout ‘Patria o muerte!’ What does a ten year-old child know of politics? It’s disgusting.”
    Fidel has prevailed over a variety of obstacles for the same reason his mentor, Josef Stalin did – overwhelming suppression of ANY form of descent – peaceful or otherwise.
    -Anatasio Blanco

  6. Lo digo y lo repito. El problema Venezolano es un problema cubano. Van atados de la mano. Lo que pase en un pais afecta al otro de igual manera. Pör eso nosotros los cubanos no solamente debemos enfilar nuestros esfuerzos y nuestros cañones hacia Raul castro. No, debemos enfilarlos de igual manera hacia Caracas. Unirnos con los luchadores por la democracia de Venezuela. Si se fijan en mi blog ultimamente todas las noticias que publico son de Venezuela. Porque nos afectan a nosotros los cubanos. Es hora de cerrar filas ya. y tomar como ejemplo tambien todo lo que esta haciendo la oposicion hoy en especial los estudiantes venezolanos .. Cuanto me gustaria ver en Cuba una reacccion espontanea de esa indole. No hay tanque de Raul que pueda contra eso.

  7. As usual, Chavez is delusional. The Venezuelan military would be committing suicide if they attempt to intervne in Cuba militarily. The US would never allow a military force from Venezuela to intervene in Cuba’s affairs. Their ships or planes will end up at the bottom of the Caribbean sea. Chavez knows this and so do their officer corps. They are no match for US forces and they know that very well as they are not stupid. He may rant and rave all he wants, but he knows this is a pipe dream. The disaster that will befallen the Venezuelan military will be of a gigantic magnitude. They will not be facing unarmed students on the streets of Caracas but a very well trained armed force and capable of defeating them in hours. Chavez is no Sadam Hussein who had a better equiped military force and he knows that prefectly well. Is just bluster and bluff. Nothing else.

  8. I agree that it would be a very poor idea for chavez, ortega or morales to send troops to Cuba should there be any kind of “uprising.” The U.S. would never allow it. However, If those troops were already stationed there… It’s a whole other story.

  9. I personally find it difficult to feel sympathy for Venezuelans. The fact that their monumental screw-up in putting Chavez in power also seriously screwed Cuba does not help any. No matter how ignorant people there may have been about the real situation in Cuba, Chavez is so grotesquely vulgar, thuggish, power-hungry and full of his disgusting self that it should have been a no-brainer. You do NOT vote for such a person to lead your country, period. I don’t care if the other choices were so-so; the point is they were not as bad as Chavez. Or is Venezuela rife with people who are more or less like Chavez?

  10. Anastasio I could not agree with you more. You nailed it right on the head. Pingazo thinks that 70% of the people are with Castro and it is not so. They are forced to live in the system. He fails to see that if allowed a great part of the island would migrate to the US coats. When Castro’s death is announced (Raul and the others fear this), pandemonium may break havoc. The people are tired of the opression. They see tourists come in and enjoy the very best Cuba has to offer and this is denied to them. They see their relatives vist and bring money and goods that they cannot get for it is denied to them. Totalitarian regimes die and so will die Castros’s and eventually Venezuela too. I think the Venezuelans are beginning to see that Chavez is only immitating Castro. By the way Chavez can be wiped out very easily if the US wanted to.

  11. Come on people, you should all know that Chaves owned or owns the software company in Boca used to rig the electronic votes in the recall election and for his second term elction, as for that a-hole sending a fleet across the sea to Cuba or even flying troops in with old soviet rifles: Forget it it would be wholesale cremation and just the excuse for the U.S to end all that crap, hope he does. One thing Chaves has been thinking about is moving against the Netherland Antilles, Malvinas style, that will also earn him a Sidewinder up his rear end, again hope he attempts being the Fleet’s Chomp, he’ll have the 2nd Marines playing AC/DC outside the Iranian Embassy.

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