10 thoughts on “What Happened?”

  1. like ts elliot said, this is the way the world ends, not with a bang, but with a whimper..
    didnt watch it but read the episode reports to keep up with the last two seasons..
    like ziva said, probably a set up for a movie

  2. Terrible ending. David Chase took the easy way out by leaving it “up to the viewer.” He had the entire season to develop closure for the series, only to let it whither away in silliness up until the penultimate episode.

  3. I think the episode went against the pundits who said Tony got whacked. Instead Leotardi gets whacked, and they go to business as usual.
    of course when it went to blank, I thought the cable went out

  4. I don’t watch the Sorpanos to analyze and ponder. If I want to do that I’ll read literature. I wanted closure and I didn’t get it. I do think it’s left open for a movie and I read that David Chase has hinted to making one sometime. It will be BIG because there was no closure, so in that respect Chase did a good job but as far as letting the fans down, I think he did. 🙁

  5. Ditto with what Mike said; I thought my dish had crapped out. Upon further review, I think the ending is completely in keeping with the way Chase has structured his show. Whether the cynical explation (a movie) is correct, or the creative one (Chase was tired), the show ended on its own terms.

  6. BTW, George: I am hoping/ looking forward to(but in no way saying what you have to blog about, i just notice you celebrate key events/ anniverseries) a 20th anniversary “Mr. Gorbachov tear dwon this wall” post tomorrow.

  7. I was very disappointed at first. I hate it when we’re left to figure it out for ourselves. That’s the writer’s job. Anyway, someone gave me this theory and I really like it:
    In the penultimate episode, Tony flashed back to his chat with Bobby on the boat about what it feels like to be shot. Tony says things just fade to black. Well, last night, just before the screen went black, Tony looks up, presumably at Meadow walking in (the actress is half Cuban). Could it be that it wasn’t Meadow but Tony’s assassin he was looking at and then things went black (for him).
    It makes the most sense to me and is much more satisfying than leaving it up to us to figure out.

  8. I got a feeling that it wasn’t the end. But a publicity stunt. They’ve done it before. I vote for the Sopranos to go the way of The Godfather. Anthony Soprano Jr. being Michael Corleone and joining the Army.

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