A daughter’s plea

Francisco Chaviano

Cuban dissident Francisco Chaviano González has been imprisoned in fidel castro’s gulag since May 1994, serving a 15-year prison sentence.
On Tuesday, before the United Nations Human Rights Council meeting in Geneva, Chaviano’s daughter, Lizi Chaviano, implored delegates to demand the release of her father and other political prisoners:

“Mr. President, as we speak, there are hundreds of Cubans serving unjust imprisonment for their ideas,” Lizi said. “I ask justice for my father and for a family that has suffered for thinking differently than the official ideology in Cuba. I ask freedom for Cuban political prisoners. I ask for the respect of human rights in Cuba.”

The Cuban ambassador to the Human Rights Council responded with the regime’s usual disdain for and indignation at the very thought that anyone — Lizi Chaviano, the United Nations, bloggers in Florida, etc. — would try to hold his government accountable for how it treats its own people.
“This farce is about to end,” said Juan Antonio Fernandez Palacios.
Whether because of fidel castro’s biology or his regime’s amorality, Fernandez may be right.
The dangerous farce that is the communist dictatorship in Cuba, which has anything but respect for human rights, will soon meet its end.
And when it does, whomever is left — raul castro, Ricardo Alarcon, Juan Antonio Fernandez, etc. — will be held to account.
For more on today’s Human Rights Council meeting, visit Cuban Democratic Directorate.
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  1. This underscores the corrupt and useless character of the UN. If they had a commission on catering, they’d appoint Hannibal Lector to lead it.

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