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Fausta has a great post on yet an even greater article, that is for me today’s must read.

With Fidel Castro apparently on the verge of death, I returned to Cuba to visit old friends. Little has changed over recent years and life for most Cubans remains harsh. Yet western visitors continue to romanticise the place

This article in particular hits a nerve with me because it’s one of the few that mentions the only revolutionary member in my family. And trust me, thank God it was only one, because this member in particular did more than his share of damage. Rumour has it that as many others who no longer are needed by the regime, a mysterious death ensued.
UPDATE: My dissertation driven world led me to not see that Henry had posted this last week. My apologies for the double post; on the newsworthy side now you know my family was related to revolutionaries.

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  1. Ok, I won’t tell you. He and my father were cousins; I don’t know to what grade, but they used to be pretty close…that is until Manuelito dropped out of Columbia and started bombing places in Cuba.
    He did come in helpful a couple of times when Papi had to get antirevolutionary friends out of prison.

  2. La Ventanita,
    You can’t control who is in your family. I have some cousins you were real commies back in the 40’s and 50’s. This is not hyperbole on my part. I’ve been told they were personal aquaintences of the Rosenberg’s, yes, Ethel and Julias Rosenberg. They were also given the grand tour of the USSR in the 50’s. The important thing is that you have learned the right lesson from your relative’s infamy.

  3. Ventanita;
    Yeah, Shtetl G is right. My father has some members in his family that were founding members of the communist party in Cuba. I know how you feel… tierra tragame!

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