A Message from Amanda

Amanda posted the following at Brandon’s Puppy and I want you all to read it and help out if you can:

My little sister Maura took up running a couple of years ago while she lived in Virginia. It was her way of proving, to herself and the world, that she had won her battle with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis. It was pretty bad. She’d frequently accumulate liquid in her knees and had to get shots to alleviate the pain. She was on medication for a very long time. She had good days where she could go shopping for a few hours with me, and bad days where she couldn’t even get out of bed. Fast forward a few years, and she decides to take up running. Not just running, but running for the benefit of others. She participated in several marathons while living in Virginia, and has taken part in a few since she moved back home as well, from the AidsWalk to March of Dimes. She’s now set her sights on the Nike Women’s Marathon on October 21st in San Francisco. She is a part of the The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Team in Training. This particular race hits a bit closer to home for us, since our great-aunt Amanda died of Leukemia when she was 19, and our Uncle Ismael is currently in the final phases of his cancer treatment.
I am so proud of her. A few years ago, we couldn’t imagine she’d have this kind of physical endurance. But now, she’s taken on this goal, and is determined to make it to San Francisco. I’m doing what I can to get her there by asking you all for help. Go to this link and throw in a few bucks. Every little bit helps, and you’ll not only be supporting my sister, but you’ll be helping this wonderful organization find a cure to blood cancers.
Thank you!