6 thoughts on “Thursday morning poll”

  1. This is a biased poll with loaded questions, that will be rejected for publication in the Miami Herald. In contrast, our Center for Cubanologo Studies at FIU has done accurate polls, with the assistance of Uva de Aragan, that have even been quoted in “Granma.” Our polls reveal that the majority of Cuban emigres want the embargo lifted, vote Democrat, and are opposed to the war in Iraq. Cuban American pollster Sergio Bendicen agrees with us. On election date 2004, he predicted on live TV in Miami, before the polls closed, that Kerry had already won Ohio and the presidential election. Then Bush stole the election again.

  2. Ok, the gig is up. It has to be up. Either “Lisandro_Peo” is a bot infused with advanced AI technology or we are all taking this prankster seriously when we shouldn’t be. Someone please tell me it’s the former.

  3. Coño, ya volvió Lisandro a formar otro peo. I can even smell it all the way out here in the West Coast. What the hell is a Cubanologo? Why are there no Mexicanologos, or Puertorriqueñologos, etc? ¿Qué coño es un cubanologo? Who made that shit up? Eso me huele al apellido de Lisandro. And speaking of the Heraldo de Miami, the hairdo on the photo of “Cara de Caballo” Menéndez looks like the Bride of Frankenstein. Wilbur, get her a towel, she is all wet and naked.

  4. Heck, I don’t give a peo what she has to say! As soon as democracy comes, I hope to go help out. Don’t know if I’ll stay, though.

  5. Ziva: The Miami Herald is one of the greatest newspapers in America. I should now, I write for them fortnightly! Where else do you have all the excitement generated by the Herald? Look how many Herald columnists, editors, and publishers have been forced to resign in such a short time. We are number one. We demonstrated compassion by keeping on our staff Ana Veciana, an admitted liar and convicted perjurer, who writes heart-warming and moralistic columns. We are the only newspaper in the U.S. where a public official under criminal indictment committed suicide in our lobby. It does not get any more famous than that. Some of us are “lobbying” to put a memorial plaque honoring Arthur Teele and Jim DeFede on the exact spot on the wall where Teele’s brains were splattered. We are the only newspaper in America that does not represent the interests of its majority community. That is freedom of the press. Other cities, like San Francisco would not dare do the same thing. Lisandro Peo and his Center for Cubanologo Studies at FIU are our most quoted and greatest source of Cuban facts. The Herald has dropped its subscription rates to bottom prices and even gives the paper away to keep its readers. What other paper does that? Now do you understand why we are number one?

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