Fontova on Fox

Just received the following from the King of Commie Smackdown, our very own Humberto Fontova:

Honest, honest, cross my heart and hope to die. No “embarco” this time. Fox just called to tell me my Hannity & Colmes gig will air tonight. FINALLY !!
Guess I should thank Angelina Jolie for making my Che book somehow “newsworthy”. Fox is furious with her right now. And I have great sport with her tattoo during the show. Such are the coincidences that occasionally get the Cuban tragedy in the mainstream media. Oh well. “Don’t look a gift Fox show in the mouth,” I always say.

5 thoughts on “Fontova on Fox”

  1. Well, it’s official… Alan Colmes is the devil. He just refused to believe that Che was a turd. (And of course, since Fontova has not seen Angelina’s Che tattoo, Colmes implied that it does not exist).
    I taped about half of it and then my battery died. I can upload it in segments if anyone wants it.

  2. Mr. Fontova proved that his incandescent intellect and wit are not limited to the written word, but I must say, that I have never wanted to bash Alan Colmes in the face quite as bad as I did during this particular segment. He is the epitome of a sneering, snide, pasty-faced liberal sissy and he was downright peacockish with his effeteness. Fontova is a scholar and a man’s man — Colmes is the diametric opposite.

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