Que clase de Cubanazo!

Let me introduce you all to the latest member of our Cubiche blog internet community: Cubanazos.com.
From the welcome page:

In an effort to contribute to the understanding of our Cuban culture and heritage, we have established Cubanazos.com. Here, you’ll find all things Cuban. Our goal is to provide past and present information so that our Cuban culture and traditions live on through us, the Cuban-Americans. Browse through the site; if you see something thats not here and you’d like to have added, drop us an email and we’ll be happy to work on making your suggestion part of Cubanazos.com.
It is our endeavor to provide our children and their children the information that is so much a part of our Cuban heritage. Thank you for visiting Cubanazos.com. We hope that you will enjoy your visit here.

I met Artie, the founder and webmaster, at Cuba Nostalgia and he’s a stand up guy, so drop on by and check out the site. There’s lots of interesting stuff including write ups on Chirino and Celia that are must reads, and the Cubanazos blog is right here.

5 thoughts on “Que clase de Cubanazo!”

  1. He’s a “stand up guy”? What’s next a “friend of yours” or a “friend of ours”? I think someone really misses The Sopranos. 😉

  2. One thing however – he might want to boot the Cigar Aficionado advertisement. I highly doubt he was aware of their pro-Fidel stance when he put up the ad still, might want to let him know.

  3. Thanks for the information about Aficionado Magazine.We was not aware of their pro-Fidel stance. We will in no way EVER support any organization or individual that helps the Castro regime…Thanks for the information, comments and suggestions are always welcome at Cubanazos.com.

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