A good reason to see Angelina Jolie’s new movie

Reportedly, Angelina Jolie sports a tattoo of che guevara somewhere on her body.
Still, go see her new movie, “A Mighty Heart.”
Two words: Marianne Pearl.
The world knows about Marianne Pearl, because she is the widow of Daniel Pearl, a Wall Street Journal killed by al-Qaida while he was working a story in Pakistan.
Marianne — like Danny, a journalist — is half-Cuban. Last year, she traveled to the island and came back with a story about women who, like her, are committed to standing up to evil and telling their husbands’ stories.
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5 thoughts on “A good reason to see Angelina Jolie’s new movie”

  1. Not to stir the pot, but how is this different from the Santana/90 miles issue?
    Santana wore a Che shirt and people were against the Estefan’s tribute album to Cuba.
    Angelina TATTOOS this murderer’s face on her body, and you want to see a movie because it’s about a guy who is HALF Cuban?
    I think that in the Santana example, Santana just wore a shirt and said some statements. Which is less extreme than making a permanent mark on your body.
    And in the first example, the Estefans are more pro-Cuban and anti-Castro and have always been vocal about that, whereas these journalists may be anti-Castro, but not as vocal as the Estefans.
    Marc, I’m not singling you out, I’m asking the entire community. I was under the impression that NO ONE got a free pass on the Che issue, not even the most famous anti-Castro couple on earth. Isn’t that the standard that the consensus on this board has set?

  2. Dave – Your point is well taken. I think a difference between Jolie and the Estefans, is that the Estefans should have known much better.
    Jolie may have been a fool, ignorant or otherwise, for getting a tattoo of che, but at least I haven’t heard her talking about how he was groovy and for peace and all that other nonsense that came from Santana when he defended what he thinks his guevara’s true legacy.
    Not to rehash an old debate, but the Estefans ignored the experiences of a large part of their fan base, and worked with a man who not just wore a T-shirt, but who has used his celebrity to propoagate lies about guevara. Lies that the Estefans should have considered before allowing Santana into their studio.
    As for Jolie’s new movie, I think the power of the Marianne Pearl story — and that she is half-Cuban, yes, does make that story more interesting to me — as well as Jolie’s acting abilities, outweigh any discomfort I have about Jolie’s choice of body art.

  3. Does she really have a che tatoo? I’ve read this on blogs and in articles before but I’ve never seen a pic and there are pics of lots of her tattoos online, also her fan sites usually list all of her tattoos and I haven’t found one that has a che tatoo listed. When she mentions some of the tatoos she has, I couldn’t find where she has mentioned a che tattoo. She says she has had several tatoos removed or covered with other tattoos. Maybe if she had one, she had it covered? Or could this not be true but some how got spread around and now is frequently mentioned in articles about che? I’m not a fan of hers for other reasons but I do enjoy some of her movies. Would like to know if this is true as it would make a diffence as to whether I see this movie or not. This site- http://vanishingtattoo.com/tattoo/celeb-jolie.htm – seems to have the most comprehensive info about her tattoo collection with pics and a list of the ones shes had removed. No mention of che. If anyone has a link of a pic or an article of her or someone close to her saying she has it, can you please post it? Otherwise I’m not sure if I’ll see this movie. Thanks.

  4. Hey Marc, yes, I understand where you’re coming from. But from my perspective, I think that the fact Angelina “doesn’t know better” doesn’t give her a free pass. Ignorance of the facts isn’t an excuse. In my personal opinion, given what the Estefans have done for us as a community, they have Earned a pass in my book, so long as they are doing right in “the big picture”. Angelina hasn’t earned anything in the Cuba debate (although she appears to be a humanitarian).
    But if you were to boycott EVERYONE in hollywood who likes Che or think the t-shirts look cool, that would leave us with very few movies, TV shows, or songs to listen to. At some point, we all have to draw our lines, or instead we live our lives with no TV, movies or radio, and listen to Willy Chirino and Celia Cruz all day.
    (I love, love, love Celia and Willy… but there’s a lot more out there, too.)
    We all have to let some things slide, unless we’re going to live like monks. Although they may have made some miscalculations, I draw my lines supporting the Estefans, a couple who has been consistently anti-castro the entire time.
    My 2 cents…

  5. Maybe I’m an oddball, but I have very little to do with the entertainment industry. I certainly don’t expect much from it, because I think it’s hopelessly skewed, self-absorbed, delusional and WAY too full of its inconsequential self. Yes, it’s extremely big business, but what does it really amount to in terms of substance?
    So no, I won’t be running after some movie, whether Jolie and her lips are in it or not. “Hollywood” is rotten at the core, and that contaminates most everything it produces in some fashion, even though that can be subtle. I don’t respect or believe in the industry; it can’t be trusted.

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