“The Cubans will be celebrating”

The United Nations Human Rights Council is about to cement its reputation as something less than even a paper tiger.
And no one will be happier than the dictatorship in Havana, which has parlayed its membership on the council to success in stripping it of authority to accomplish anything substantial.
Score a diplomatic victory for the tyrants in Cuba, anywhere else in the world.
Score a defeat for Cuba’s political prisoners, and the rest of fidel castro’s victims.
Reuters reports:

GENEVA, Switzerland (Reuters): Cuba and Belarus look set to be dropped from a blacklist of alleged rights violators as part of any deal on the workings of the United Nations’ new human rights watchdog, diplomats and activists said on Friday.
The 47-state Human Rights Council, set up last year in a bid to burnish the U.N.’s image on human rights protection, is struggling for agreement on its rules of operation by a Monday deadline.
Some of the deepest divisions surround the submitting of individual countries to special scrutiny, so-called country mandates — the “naming and shaming” of the Human Rights Commission, the council’s discredited predecessor.
The council needs to decide both the fate of 11 existing country investigations, including those covering Sudan, Somalia and North Korea, as well as Cuba and Belarus, and whether or not such mandates can be created in the future for other states.
On the issue of the current mandates, the sources said there appeared to be agreement that nine could continue but probes into Cuba and Belarus, neither of which has allowed the U.N. special investigator to visit, would cease.
“It looks like we will lose Cuba and Belarus,” said one diplomatic source close to the closed-door negotiations, which were set to continue over the weekend. “The Cubans will be celebrating on Monday.”

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  1. The UN is only worth a shit to people like the Clintons and Kerry, its next bitching session will be the day when Israel thermo-nukes the crap out of the Iranian freaks. Lets kick’em out of NY and shutt-off the US taxpayers paying for that corrupt, discredited clown show.

  2. Th UN has sunk so low that it can no longer even fake propriety. It’s gotten so used to behaving dishonorably and contemptibly that it apparently sees that as normal and, therefore, acceptable.

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