Forget Nintendos, Playstations or XBoxes

Those of you with kids are going to thank me, especially those of you with boys.
It’s summer, the kids are off from school and you are having trouble coming up with activities to keep them busy all day, seven days a week. You dont want them watching TV all day, or playing video games til they’re crosseyed, or running amok around the house.
So what do you do?
You get them a good book.
“Bah!” you say. “They’ll never stop to read a book! Especially in the summer while theyre out of school.”
Fret not, dear readers. This aint no ordinary book. I guarantee you that not only will your boys be completely entranced withthis book, but there may be issues with them not wanting to share said book with Dad. And believe me, Dad will want to ruffle through these pages as well.
Let me introduce you all to The Dangerous Book for Boys by Conn and Hal Iggulden. From their welcome page:

THE ONE THING that we always say about childhood is that we seemed to have a lot more time back then. Do you want to recapture lazy Sunday afternoons and long summer days? They’re still there if you know how to look for them. Do you know how to tie a reef knot? Can you skim a stone and actually make it bounce? Can you play poker, build a tree house, or make an electro-magnet? Do you know the secret to making the best paper airplane, how to grow a crystal or how to find North in the dark?


Trust me folks, I bought this book as a Father’s Day present and found it difficult to part with. It is the encyclopedia of childhood, with everything from learning to make kites and paper airplanes to playing chess to making slingshots to learing codes…the list is endless.
Here are some reviews from blogger moms.
If you have a boy in your family, son, nephew, brother, grandson, cousin…this is a book he’ll remember forever. And, if you’re a soon to be Dad, you may want to get yourself a copy. Not only are you going to love it, you may very well need it.

3 thoughts on “Forget Nintendos, Playstations or XBoxes”

  1. I’m not sure about this. Did you check with Hillary first? I don’t think she’ll approve. And Nancy P. will be horrified. You really should think of their feelings, you know.

  2. I totally concur. This is definitely male mandatory reading. That book is an absolute hit in our home!
    The only problem is that the 11 year old keeps having to fight the 21 year old for it. (I think that’s in one of the chapters… =D)

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