How about amnesty for Cubans?

While the Cuban government is busy making deals to enrich their coffers with the help of the Michael Moores of the world, those rafts are still only going one-way, and most of them don’t reach their intended destination.
Last week, the Carnival cruise ship Triumph “rescued” 17 Cubans after their small boat was spotted by a passenger. In accordance with U.S. policy, they were transferred to the custody of the Coast Guard. Jon Ekvall, the passenger who first spotted them said, “There was great sympathy for the Cubans as they were turned over to Coast Guard officials.”

“Everybody was pretty somber and there were actually some people booing the Coast Guard when they took them,” Ekvall said. “I talked to an elderly gentleman on board who was Cuban, and he had teared up, because he said he knew they’d be shipped back and he was so sad.”

Yesterday, the Mexican Navy intercepted 58 Cuban refugees in the waters of the Caribbean near Cancun.

The government is investigating the incident as a possible human trafficking operation run by the ships’ crews.
Local media on Thursday gave unconfirmed reports of the arrests of the Cuban refugees, as well as four crew members from the two vessels identified by the Attorney General’s office as two Mexicans and two Cubans.

On a happier note, early this morning 22 Cubans landed on Sanibel:

Sanibel – According to the Sanibel Police Department, twenty-two Cuban migrants landed on Sanibel this morning. Sanibel Police were alerted to the landing about 6:30 a.m.
The landing was made on the beach between Rabbit Rd and West Gulf Rd. All 22 Cubans are being processed at the Sanibel Police Headquarters and are waiting for I.N.S. transport to the Pembroke Pines detention center. Fifteen males, three females and four children are all said to be in good health.

This could be a very long summer, because contrary to all the posturing, conditions on the island are worse since the transfer of power. All is not well in Cuba.

4 thoughts on “How about amnesty for Cubans?”

  1. Good God!
    What has changed between
    1967 and 2007?
    1977 and 2007?
    1987 and 2007?
    1997 and 2007?
    Castro? NO
    Cuba? NO

  2. I am surprised no one has menitoned this, but 2 Cuban soccer players, in the US for the CONCACAF Gold Cup (the North and Central American championship) defected when on a shopping trip.

  3. The Mexican Government much like the UN when it comes to hypocrisy!
    I guess Mel Martinez is too busy helping out the Mexicans to say anything about Cubans.
    I hate politicians!!!!

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