Back in the real world

Orlando Zapata Tamayo

The United Nations Human Rights Council and, to a lesser extent, the European Union on Monday gave Cuba get-out-of-jail cards for its deplorable human rights record, and said it would, with some reservations, again treat Cuba as a respectable member of the international community.
Meanwhile, back in the fidel castro’s gulag, prison officials last week let a common prisoner beat the shit out of political prisoner Orlando Zapata Tamayo.
“It is embarassing,” said fellow political prisoner Alfredo Domínguez Batista, who witnessed the assault on Zapata, “that in the 21st centurty, in a country like Cuba, which is part of the United Nations Human Rights Council, brutal acts like this are carried out.”
Embarassing for Cuba, and even more so for those on the Human Rights Council and in the EU, who would appease and apologize for the dictatorship.
To read the European Community’s most recent statement on Cuba, go here.
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  1. Et Tu Brute?
    Maybe this is why President Bush’s remarks (or lack thereof) on Tuesday June 12, (during the dedication to the Victims of Communism) were so lukewarm.
    I believe we’re being sold down the river… Again!

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