The coca farmer speaks

In a radio interview, Bolivian President Evo Morales talks about fidel.

Fidel is studying, analyzing, going over information. He’s no longer resting or recovering. I think it’s more like full-time work.”
“I believe he had to have many operations, perhaps more than 10 operations, but I reckon he’s very well,” he added.
Morales said environmental issues had become Castro’s biggest concern.
“He’s not as thin as he was. He’s writing, going over his notes. This time, I noticed he was more concerned about the environment than with issues of health and education.

Hmm, fidel as an environmentalist, I hope he’s brushing up on the basics, like plumbing, because one thing Cuba really needs is new plumbing, especially toilets. In fact, he should talk to former vice-president Al Gore, who knows all about toilets.
Read the whole thing at Reuters.

2 thoughts on “The coca farmer speaks”

  1. Is this Evo moron really THAT stupid? Sorry. Of course he is; that’s why he’s a moron. What does that say about the people who elected him? And no, being uneducated and poor is not the same as having no common sense. I mean, being leftist or anti-American is one thing (a very fashionable thing in Letrine America), but looking, talking and acting like an idiotic clown is another. Even Chavez looks sharp next to this yahoo. Talk about embarrassing.

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