10 thoughts on “Name that fruit”

  1. They are delicious. We had a family member sneak in a branch a few years ago. All my grandmother had to do is plant the branch, not a seed, and the tree came out.

  2. My Grandfather used to take us to Jovellanos (Matanzas) to visit family en el campo where they had several ciruela trees as well as caymito. I loved them – they’re my one of my favorites next to mamonsillos.

  3. They look like kumquats, you eat them whole and they have a citrus-like flavor. They are wonderful in both savory and sweet dishes. They are great in a tropical salsa, and they’re so pretty sliced on top of a tart.

  4. Val,
    you are a cruel man! Just read your post and it sure brings back memories. Of course, I would never let them get that ripe. As a kid, I would climb the tree and eat the fruit right from the tree when they were “pintando” between green and yellow. I could not wait!
    I’m guessing that these are not from “la matica” that your Mom planted for you?

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