U.N. Official Praises Cuba

The U.N., showing their usual contempt for its own charter, and having officially let Cuba off the hook for 48 years of brutal dictatorship, has wasted no time in toadying up to the deity of anti-Americanism.

Visiting Under Secretary General of the United Nations, Anna K. Tibaijuka, praised Cuba on Tuesday for its support of social projects promoted by the UN to realize its Millennium Development Goals.
She called Cuba an example for the world as the government’s set health, education and the people’s well-being as its priorities, and that Cuba’s social achievements are worthy to be shared with other developing nations.
“Cuba is a nation that knows sustainable development. We want to find out how to share experiences and ideas with other developing nations,” she said.

The whole wide world should be just like Cuba, a paradise filled with happy people basking in well-being. ~ Coño ~
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6 thoughts on “U.N. Official Praises Cuba”

  1. That is absolutely terrifying. Yet another reason why the UN, much like the League of Nations before it, needs to be dismantled, reevaluated and rebuilt from the ground up.

  2. So where is this choice example of clueless fatuousness, or perverse disingenuousness, from? Not that it really matters, because she’s a disgrace regardless of origin, but I’m just curious.

  3. Hell, I’ll go even further. Come a free Cuba, the island’s new UN delegation should demand a formal, public, on-record apology from the General Assembly for acts like this one, which overtly subvert the quest for basic human rights on the island:
    “Cuban Foreign Minister Felipe Perez Roque addresses the media regarding Human Rights. Despite a myriad of human rights violations documented by NGOs across the globe, the United Nations human rights watchdog group dropped Cuba from a blacklist of countries with poor rights records.”

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