castro must be “forced” to change -Walesa

Lech Walesa, a leading destroyer of communism and the Soviet Empire from Poland, has come out swinging against Cuba’s brutal dictator. Drawing a bead on the bearded maggot, Walesa said that the world must “force” the scumbag to change. Associated Press has it right here:

The former Polish leader also said Cuba’s Fidel Castro must be “forced” to move the country toward greater integration with the world economy.
“We all have to force Castro to improve his system … and that means globalization,” he said.
In March, Walesa and another former Polish president published an open letter to the people of Cuba encouraging them to persist in seeking democratic change and promising them Polish support.

His remarks are prescient because he clearly reads that it’s castro who’s responsible for his own isolation. Although he did quiet resistance against the communists in Poland, it’s clear he thinks something a little more assertive is needed with the billygoat castro, who, unlike almost all the other commie empire, pathetically didn’t get the memo on the need to reform or be destroyed. Instead, he just stayed where he was and pretended the whole world revolved around him and needed to accomodate him rather than the other way around. Walesa sees right through him.
He also took a good shot at castro’s Venezuelan minime, Hugo Chavez, calling him a thief and a liar. Good job, Lech Walesa!
We love the Poles!

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  1. Walesa does not go beyond these “open letters” and rhetorical speeches regarding Cuba. Here is mention of another Walesa “open letter” from seven years ago!
    The Castro brothers will not loosen their grip with these “open letters.” The U.S. policy of denouncing the Castro regime before the U.N. Human Rights, begun in 1987, has just floundered after twenty years of repeated condemnations. Walesa and the U.S. government need to find more effective tactics. For example, enforcing titles III and IV of the Helms-Burton Act, which have never been effected.

  2. The only “force” that will cuase ANY “change” in Cuba is at the end of a barrel. The Castros have entrenched and institutionalized a subtlely brutal and repressive ‘mafia-machinery’ system of control on that island. Most of the world and the U.S. does not give a damn about the Cubans. The U.S. has had a city/base right up Castro’s ass for the last 48 years, and it has never been put to any use in liberating any Cubans. Not in 1959, not in 1961, not in 1962, not now, and not ever.

  3. No, nice words and symbolic gestures won’t solve the problem, even though they don’t hurt. If the world was not so two-faced and hypocritical, Cuba would have been treated like South Africa was, with similar results (especially after the Soviet Union collapsed).
    It won’t happen; there are too many vested interests, both financial and political. To far too many people, being anti-American evidently makes up for any number of sins, however serious, and Castro has always played that card brilliantly. Those people are clearly more interested in sticking it to the US than helping Cuba. It’s that simple. The only people who will ever make a substantial difference, if they get their act together, are Cubans themselves.

  4. Someday there will be a study (scholar’s have done it with the Nazi) on the Cuban government’s aggressive and very effective propaganda machinery. Insofar as I know, the Cuban government’s “Radio Habana” transmits in 35 different languages. They also have over 141 propaganda bureaus scattered around the world. Added to that is ALL of the Hollywood’s left, the MSM, academics, and other useful idiots. The Cuban government has used BILLIONS of dollars on propaganda while the Cuban people suffer their cruel and repressive regime.

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