Sicko, Sucko


Here’s something you wont find in Michael Moore’s latest crapumentary in regards to Cuba’s “healthcare.” The following is an email recieved from the Cuban Doctors that were sent as indentured servants to Namibia and whom subsequently escaped from their Cuban overseers and now live in hiding in the African nation:

We would like to ask you for your assistance. We are part of the Cuban Team of Doctors that are currently in hiding in Namibia without the ability to leave for the US, the country that gave us Visas to live and work.
In 2006 we deserted the Cuban Health Program here in Namibia and since then we have been in hiding without being able to work as the Namibian government prohibits us. We are also unable to travel to the US as the Immigration Ministry will not allow us as well.
Up to now, three of our Doctors with US Visas have been allowed to leave for the States, but those of us remaining see no real possibility of being allowed to leave Africa. We are starving, have no money and no food, while our basic and human rights are grossly trampled upon by this Ministry and the Cuban Embassy, which has threatened the Namibian government with the cancellation of Cuba’s medical assistance if we are allowed to leave.
Via this communique we urge you to call out to the International Media for their support in our fight to leave Namibia once and for all. The Namibian newspaper has published various articles that urge that our human rights be respected and for the Namibian Immigration Ministry to respect this country’s Constitution, which it has been violating with its stance on this issue. But we need coverage and support from International media sources.
We await your help in helping spread the word of our desperate situation,
Cuban Doctors hidhing in Namibia.

Those Cuban doctors are basically slaves. From the Cuban Government’s point of view, they arent a human, but a tangible asset used not to help the poor Namibian people, but to spread the socialist doctrine and ideology and boost the exposure of same as some kind of magnanimous humanitarian benefit of Communism.
Please help spread the word.
There’s more here and here.
Text of original email, in Spanish, below the fold.

Queremos acercarnos a ustedes para pedirles ayuda,
somos parte de los Medicos Cubanos que estamos escondidos en Namibia sin poder viajar a EEUU, pais que nos concedio la Visa para vivir y trabajar en su suelo.
Desde 2006 desertamos del Programa Cubano de Salud aqui en Namibia y desde estonces estamos escondidos, sin poder trabajar, pues el Gobierno Namibio nos lo impide, y sin poder salir de este pais pues el Ministerio de Inmigracion no nos deja volar a America.
En este momento a permitido la salida a los primeros tres medicos que recibieron la Visa Americanao, pero los que quedamos no vemos las posibilidades reales de salir de Africa, estamos muriendo de hambre sin dinero y sin comida, mientras nuestros derecho humanos son pisoteados
groseramente por ese Ministerio y por la Embajada Cubana aqui, que ha amenazado al Gobierno Namibio con retirar su ayuda medica si se nos permite viajar.
A traves de esta comunicacion queremos que se haga un llamado a la Prensa Internacional para que nos apoye en nuestra lucha por salir de Namibia de una vez y para siempre.
El Periodico El Namibian ha publicado varios articulos (uno de ellos en el dia de hoy) que abogan por el respeto a nuestros derechos humanos y porque el Ministerio de Inmigracion respete la Constitucion de este pais, la cual es violada con su actitud, pero necesitamos la cobertura de Organos de Prensa Internacionales.
En espera de su ayuda para divulgar nuestra desesperada situacion,
Medicos Cubanos escondidos en Namibia