The face of castro care

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This is what Michael Moore wants for all Americans. A bureaucratic medical monopoly that’s unresponsive to the people.
Michael Moore says: “”We have got to remove the profit motive from health care.”
He might as well have said “We have got to remove innovation from health care.”
This is more of the same tired leftist religion where the greatest sin is to make money.
Moore also says health care companies “need to be regulated like public utilities.”
It’s obvious that fatass doesn’t live in Florida, where the regulated public electric utility company, FPL, makes quite a handsome profit thanks to its protected monopoly status, thank you very much.

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  1. What happened to this poor woman? Is this one of those “free” tummy tucks that I read about where Cuban women feel so lucky to be able to have plastic surgery paid for? Or is it a botched c-section? ::shudder:::

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