Cuba is no paradise for these workers

Life under a communist dictatorship like Cuba’s, means you work where they tell you to work. There isn’t lot a career counseling, with someone helping you make the right choices for yourself. If you want to work — and you’d better want to work — the government will tell you where to go and what to do.
Which also gives the dictatorship the power to take away your job, for whatever reason, especially if on your off-time, you dare to challenge the regime. Attend a meeting or stage a protest, or just whisper to your co-workers that you think fidel castro is a pig, and the police may visit your boss to give them the word: Fire the troublemakers.
That’s exactly what happened recently to some government opponents, according to reports this week from the independent press on the island.
Journalist Mario Hechavrria Driggs reported that Frank Delgado Macías, an organizer of Corriente Martiana, on Monday was fired from his job in a school cafeteria after the political police talked with his boss.
“The director of the scholastic center accepted an order from a State Security official to end by work contract, in retaliation for my work for human rights,” Delgado told Hechavrria, according to a story posted at Misceláneas de Cuba.
Also this week, journalist Carlos Serpa Maceira reported for a story posted at CubaNet, that two activists with the Julio Tang Texier Cultural Civic Project, an opposition civil rights group, had lost their jobs.
Juan Carlos Delgado Batista lost his construction job in Holguín, and Lidia Águila Ramos lost hers at a ceramics factory on the Isle of Youth.
Delgado said, “Cuban workers are in a totally indefensible position.”
Which is exactly where the dictatorship wants them.

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  1. The Cuban government controls ALL aspects IN a Cuban’s life: where they work, live, study, travel, what they eat, wear, think, read, write and speak.

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