Return of the Truckonauts

Remember those Cubans that tried to come over an amphibious truck? You know, the truckonauts who built an engineering marvel with whatever scrap they could find only to have it sunk by the coast guard.
Well, it turns out that one of them is now working as a mechanic at a big Miami car dealership and they have built a replica of the craft. You can see the new and improved model in this BBC piece.
The money line of the piece is at the end when the mechanic says he wants to return to a free Cuba. He says he’ll enter the country through the Marina Hemingway, where all the yachts come in, except that he’ll be driving a truck.
Hat tip to Alberto de la Cruz

3 thoughts on “Return of the Truckonauts”

  1. That truck should definitely be dontated to the Cuban museum as part of our history. Isn’t there a museum that was going to be built in the Freedom Tower building or something? This truck is testimony to the ingenuity of the Cuban people and what they will do to escape Castro’s tyranny.

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