The Illegal Immigration Problem

No, not here. In Cuba.
You read that correctly, Cuba has a problem with illegal immigration. You see as bad as conditions are in Havana, they are much worse in other parts of the island. That’s why many Cuban’s from the island’s interior and eastern provinces want to move to Havana, except that they are not allowed.
That’s the subject of a 21-minute documentary called Buscándote Havana, that I was able to see parts of on local TV in Miami on Friday night. The film shows how people are living in illegal settlements in Cuba’s capital. One of the film’s subjects asks rhetorically how Havana can be the capital of all Cubans if it’s not open to all Cubans?
Just another one of the many contradictions of the “worker’s paradise.”

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  1. The comedian on the “Humpday Humor” section of this blog says that Havana has been invaded by the British and the Orientales. The latter is a reference to thousands of Afro Cubans from Oriente who are sent as policemen to Havana, further augmenting racial tensions on the island. Eastern Cubans who lack internal passports to live in Havana are called “palestinos” because of their statelessness. Read about it here
    and here

  2. The far left is incoherent. I had an apologist complain about the execution of the Rosenbergs as uncivilized. I reminded the nut that people have been executed for far less in Cuba and without a real trial.
    The most annoying part of this is the game the far left plays with Cuba. Soviet Communism was evil because it was Stalinist, but fine in Cuba.
    What sort of idiocy is that? Every excess of Soviet communism has been replicated in Cuba.

  3. The Havana immigrants are valuable new members of the resistance. So I challenge all free Cubans to put their heads together. Devise ways to make the junta’s life miserable. I’ve advocated pin pricks as just one such method but surely you guys can think of much more clever, devious ways that the resistance can use to drive the tyrants off the island. So I propose an award for the most ingenious tactic thought up during the summer of 2007. We can call it “The Monkey-Wrench” award. Send me your ideas and we will get them as much play as possible to get the new tactics out to the resistance. Throw a Monkey-Wrench into the tyranny machine today.

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