For an eighty year old half-cadaver, fidel seems to have an awful lot of lead left in the old number two.
Aside from his duties as Granma’s chief blogger and meeter-greeter at the Walmart of worker exploitation, fidel is now also writing love letters to the disaffected Cuban youth.
In a letter to Juventud Rebelde, he writes:
“If the young people fail, everything will fail. It is my profound conviction that the Cuban youth will fight to stop that. I believe in you.”
On the surface, this appears to be an admission that things are not as rosy in castrolandia as they like to pretend it is. A statement like this could empower the youth to realize that the future is in fact theirs to choose. They can continue to hold on to an absurd ideology that brings only oppression, deprivation and sacrifice (along with “free” education and healthcare) or move on to a future with hope and opportunity.
But, they guy’s a thug-a Gangster
Gangsters make offers you can’t refuse.
Failure would mean they lose power. Failure is not an option.
This is more like a warning.
“If you fail, there will be consequences.”

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