Have you seen this reporter?

I haven’t.
It’s been very quiet since the cub reporter lost his rabbi at the Herald. All these articles about Radio and TV Marti coming out in the paper and the resident expert on such matters hasn’t been seen or heard from. A little birdie tells me that Jimmy Olsen has done so much damage to his reputation that nobody important in the exile community will talk to him anymore. Kind of hard to be the reporter on all things Cuban, when you can’t get anyone to answer your questions.

11 thoughts on “Have you seen this reporter?”

  1. Mr. Gomez, you are wrong again. A lot of Cubans talk to Oscar Corral at Tinta y Cafe. He is my friend and I speak with him nearly on a daily basis. I am trying to contract him to write the second volume of my memoirs. Oscar Corral is one of the most brilliant and award-winning reporters at the Miami Herald. His blog proves it. Just look at the multitude of people that make enlightening comments on it! Corral has not written about Cuban issues for the past three months because since Luis Posada was released, there is not much to report on. If you have not seen Corral, it’s because you are not a regular at Tinta y Cafe. Drop by sometime so that we can both “dialogue” with you.

  2. oye, i thought he was the “staff reporter” who covered the Blacks In Cuba. The article said they couldn’t release the name of the reporter b/c he did not have credentials in Cuba.
    First name that came to mind was Oscar’s

  3. Ha, ha, ha. You are not funny, Mr. Conductor. Why don’t you pick on somebody your own size and your own age, instead of Oscar Corral. I should take you on myself and give you the good spanking that you deserve! No wonder you never appear at Tinta y Cafe. If I ever see you there, I will give you athe thrashing that you will never forget. Better yet, I challenge you to go three rounds with me at the upcoming annual “Rescuers in the Ring” Charity Boxing Event at Miami Beach. That will be even better that having John the Lionheart sue you in court for malicious mischief and slander.

  4. Henry, sigue conduciendo antes que te estrelles. Oscar Corral keeps these money-hungry clowns who take advantage of the Cuba situation to line their pockets with money. He’s an excellent journalist who favors no one.

  5. It’s obvious that “Pingazo” and Bernardo “Penes” are related. They both have their brains in the same organ. Anyone taking bets on the boxing match? I will wager $100 on the tortillera. Sorry, Henry, nothing personal. Maybe Corral can referee and write about the match for the sports pages of the Miami Herald.

  6. The Oscar Corral butt-buddy hidding behind the alias “Pinguo” lives at (personal info removed by editor) I’m going to check out if this guy is as tough as he pretends to be.

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