Do not forget the invisible ones …

… do not forget Alberto Martínez Fernández, who is serving a 4-year prison in the La Bamba work camp in Guantánamo.
His crime?
Well, Martínez, president of the Club of Prisoners and Former Political Prisoners in Guantánamo, committed no crime, other than to oppose the castro dictatorship, which was enough to get him labeled a “pre-criminal social danger.”
Even in jail, the harassment and threats don’t stop. A secret policeman recent visited Martínez to remind him that he has been charged with “disrespect” since 2005, according to a story by journalist Maria Antonia Hidalgo Mir, posted at Payo Libre.
Of that, Martínez, who has done time in the Cuban gulag before, might be guilty.
Alejandro García Rodríguez, an activist with Youth for Democracy, told Hidalgo that the authorities put the squeeze on Martínez after he shouted anti-castro slogans.

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