4 thoughts on “Ellas Bailan Solas”

  1. Henry, very moving. Thanks for exposing Sting as a hypocrite who only espouses left wing causes to sell his songs. A song about the Damas de Blanco would not generate revenue from the lefties nor would it get airtime on counterculture radio stations.

    Víctor Hugo
    Acepto el duro exilio
    aun siendo hasta la muerte,
    sin ponerme a pensar, ni tratar de inquirir,
    si alguien claudicó ante quien creyó mas fuerte,
    o si otros desertaron debiendo resistir.
    Si solo mil recogen
    tu negro desafío,
    entre esos bravos nombres
    también estará el mío…
    Si esos se reducen
    y solo quedan cien,
    para seguir luchando,
    allí estaré también.
    Y si solo diez se yerguen
    para enfrentarse al mal,
    proseguiré con ellos
    luchando hasta el final…
    Y si quiere el destino
    que todo lo forjó,
    que solo quede uno
    erguido y soberano:
    apréndelo tirano,
    que ese uno, !seré yo!

  3. I hadn’t seen that at first. But I just realized what it’s about. She’s not a lady in white. That was during an “acto de repudio” that they perpetrated against the ladies in white. She was one of the women in the mob they brought to hurl insults at them. You can tell by the expression on her face that she’s not with the ladies in white, who are walking in a dignified manner.

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