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Glad you enjoyed your trip. I was wondering if you inquired of your hosts about the health and well being of Dr. Oscar Elias Biscet. Never heard of him? Ok, he’s a political prisoner. Amnesty International calls him and 70 others like him “prisoners of conscience”. You obviously are not encumbered with such a thing as a conscience.
You can’t be naive enough to believe that economic ties with Cuba, given its system of 100% state ownership, can do anything except enrich the state. And if it’s not naivety it’s got to be self-serving cynicism.
Glad you enjoyed your mojitos and maybe even the company of some mulatas. You’ve done a great service to the Revolution and its Comandante.
Henry Louis Gomez

H/T to Miguel

2 thoughts on “Outbound email”

  1. Thaell writes, “Neighbors learning more about each other. What can be wrong with that?” Somehow I doubt the guy bothered to inquire about his southern neighbors imprisoned for their political views. No one is blinder than he who WILL not see.

  2. My reply to the article-
    You said:
    “I was put in touch with a nonprofit aid group that recruits volunteers to legally travel to Cuba and bring medical supplies to needy children.”
    Can you please tell us what nonprofit group you traveled with?
    And also, the United States embargo doesn’t prohibit medicine from being sent to Cuba. So is there really a need for groups like the one you traveled with?
    But I just realized, since 1959 we have been told that Cuba’s healthcare system is free and one of the best in the world – so if it’s so excellent why are there needy children in Cuba that need non profits to send them medicines from overseas?

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