3 thoughts on “R.I.P. Millo Ochoa”

  1. Coño. It breaks me up each time when a true patriot dies without ever seeing fidel fall. And Ochoa was one of the last surviving signers of the 1940’s constitution. Coño.

  2. The 1940 Constitution attests to the humanity and greatness of the Cuban people. The time to fight for a free Cuba is now, before all who knew her are gone. Rest in peace Millo Ochoa, and may your memory be for a blessing.

  3. Speaking of Ochoa – one of his colleagues as well as principal authors of the 1940 document – Carlos Marques Sterling – wrote a wonderful, if brief history of Cuba. If you can find it, I believe it was titled “Historia de la Isla de Cuba.”
    I still have my tattered, stained, well-read copy, signed by Sterling, somewhere at home.

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