If you want an example of the level of disconnect the Senate (and possibly The House) has with We The People, you need look no further than this example published in WorldNetDaily yesterday. The story relates an exchange between Sean Hannity and Senator George Voinovich (R, OH) regarding the Immigration bill. What caught my eye was this exchange:

The conversation began with a question from Hannity about whether the senator supported the Fairness Doctrine, currently a hot topic among Voinovich’s colleagues.
“Fairness Doctrine – I’m all for it, whatever it is,” he said. “I think everyone should be open to show the other side. That’s what you do every night on Fox. That’s great!”
When Hannity reminded Voinovich that the Fairness Doctrine would establish government regulatory bureaucracies to enforce this balance, Voinovich quickly retreated.
[. . .]
“He doesn’t even know what the Fairness Doctrine is,” exclaimed Hannity. “He doesn’t even know the outcome of a vote in the Senate today. And he gets mad at me when I try to explain it to him!” [My emphasis]

And this guy is (allegedly) on our side! In moments like this I truly miss Ronald Reagan. Read the whole thing here.

2 thoughts on “Unbelievable”

  1. George,
    I heard the interview last night on Hannity’s radio show. This guy was a total idiot. When Hannity asked him if he was in favor of the Fairness Doctrine, he said yes and very quickly Hannity said, “You are”? Like you said, he had a total disconnect about Hannity’s questions. He ended up leaving the show because he could not answer Hannity’s questions. It was a great interview because it exposed him as a FRAUD. It’s a shame we have idiots like that in our government. Idiot’s on “our side”.

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