What Now?

So the immigration bill fell flat on its face today. Not surprising considering that seemingly the only people who were in favor of the bill were George W. Bush and Ted Kennedy (odd couple there).
So now what? We still have 12 or who-knows-how-many millions of illegal immigrants in this country. What do we do with them? Do we have strong enough laws currently in place that simply need to be better enforced? I don’t know the answer to those questions, but I do know this:
– We need to secure our borders AHORA. No excuses. If we need to hire thousands more border patrol agents, fine. If we need to put a fence up, great.
– We can’t just send the illegals that are already here back. That would only work in Fantasyland. Honestly, this aspect of the immigration problem is the one thing that the failed bill was on the right track with. Far from perfect, mind you, but at least it acknowledged that you have a recipe for disaster if you start rounding up illegals and send them back. If some people consider anything short of sending them all back “amnesty”, then I’m guilty as charged.
One thing really pissed me off tonight. Watching the Miami TV show Polos Opuestos, host Maria Elvira Salazar had ex-Hialeah Cuban-American mayor Raul Martinez along with an immigration attorney and a Nicaraguan father and son, of whom the father I believe is here illegally. Anyway, Raul Martinez, a Democrat (go figure), and apparently still bitter over the failure of the immigration bill in the Senate, started lashing out at Americans for their bad treatment of Hispanics in this country. I have never heard anything more ridiculous. Martinez cited examples of Hispanic politicians in Pasco County, Florida with burning crosses set on their front lawns, as well as the (in)famous “Will the Last American Leaving Miami Please Bring the Flag” bumper stickers that were common in South Florida during the early 1980s. He really can’t think that the country which generously adopted him as a child feels that way in the majority about Hispanics, right? Of course, he would never admit that in person, but his words spoke volumes and they really got to me. At best, it was pandering. At worst, an example of how polarized we have become. I don’t care if he’s “one of us”, but Martinez is a mal agradecido (ungrateful) for making those comments tonight.
The issue here isn’t how we feel about Hispanics or any other ethnic group. Goodness knows some Republicans are guilty of the same prejudice Martinez displayed, except in reverse. It’s about what fair and just. Granting a freebie to illegals isn’t going to solve our immigration problems and is a slap in the face to those who come here and seek to become residents the right and lawful way. Not only that, but those who advocate for true amnesty would never even think about properly securing our borders against the real menace…Al Qaeda.
Talk about real problems.
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  1. …And he reigned over Hialeah for – how many decades? — like the small and petty tyrant that he is, but hey, the people apparently loved it and kept sending him back into office. Now, howddya like that for antiHispanic sentiment and discrimination???!!!
    This sleazeball should kiss the ground all US citizens walk on, and thank the Almighty that he beat the rap and didn’t do federal time in the can when the feds had him half-roped. Everyone knew then as they know now, that he was dirty — charming, yes, but nevertheless dirty and underhanded. Besides mal agradecido, this dude es un equivocado — arrogant, smallminded, irrationally partisan, alardoso, and poster boy for every nasty disposition that enemies use to characterize Cubans.
    He’s become the exile version of Jimmy Carter — Why can’t he just SHUT UP and go away?? Aaargghhh.

  2. I’m glad the bill was defeated. Raul Martinez is a pompous ass who doesn’t give a crap about anybody but himself. It always annoyed me how Cubans who say they hate tyrants continued to vote for this wind bag. It doesn’t speak well for our political maturity. The excuse I always got when I asked why they liked him was “porque resuelve” and I say resuelve que? He built a couple of streets y que? Any other Mayor would have done the same without all the drama. He also ran that city like a mini castro.
    The Guy sickens me. Y Maria Elvira es tremenda estupida. I would much rather watch Oscar Haza he is much more articulate than Maria.

  3. George is right. Martinez was there as a Democrat not a Cuban. It was an hour of Bush and Republican bashing. His parting shot was not that he was in support of immigration reforms, but that Republican Politicians like Giuliani and Thompson were really anti-Cuban. Well, at least neither has never been indicted. Maria Elvira was used by the Democrats last night. No polo opuesto last night, just the left pole. But she has such nice legs…..

  4. Let’s also increase Coast Guard patrols in the Florida straits to prevent smugglers from bringing illegal Cuban immigrants in also.

  5. And another thing …..re those “12 or who-knows-how-many millions of illegal immigrants…” —
    Whatarewegonnadoabouthem? I DON’T CARE as long as you do SOMEthing that isn’t going to give them a free pass to suck dry our social services, camp out here on my dime without paying taxes, thumb their nose at the law, and excuse their illegality with their presence here; hey, chavo, get in the BACK of the line, and do it like every other immigrant not from Mexico-Latin America has to do it.
    We hard-working, chops-busting, taxpaying residents of border states who subsidize these people are FED UP with the propaganda pushed in the media about our need for illegal cheap labor, and the loony immigration activists who promote it. We can drop a man on the moon and a daisy cutter in Bora Bora — so what’s so hard about 12+ million illegals?
    How do you say ….. pa’ fuera, pa’ la calle?

  6. What’s wrong with an electric fence? We just have to put up the warning signs in different languages and maybe some kind of visual, for those who can’t read. Cheaper too, no need to hire more border patrol, OR ARE WE THE ONLY COUNTRY IN THE WORLD THAT CAN’T PROTECT ITS BORDERS?

  7. Mr. Pingazo:
    I have a proposal for your Cuban problem. Stop the wet foot / dry foot. Let Castro shove the
    20,000 yearly visas up his 2 you know whats. Cubans, or anyone, that is fleeing political or religious persecution should be given asylum, and if they want to travel back to that same country a year and one month later, they don’t get to come back in here. Got it?

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