“W” Clarifies

Over the last ten months or so, I have had a mounting concern over US foreign policy in regards to Cuba.
With castro’s demise imminent, it started to look like the United State’s primary focus was to prevent a mass exodus a-la Mariel.
It seemed to me, that the US was willing to settle for a stable undemocratic government in Cuba rather than deal with the all too real chaos and the socio-political upheaval that would result from the rebirth of a Cuban Republic.
When pressed on the issue yesterday at the Naval War College in Newport, President Bush is quoted in today’s Miami Herald:

“Some will say all that matters is stability — which in my judgment will just simply reinforce the followers of the current regime. I think we ought to be pressing hard for democracy.”

That’s certainly a welcomed clarification of his administration’s policy.
After all, attaining a country’s freedom is a messy and chaotic process which “may” lead to instability on our shores. Really, it will be a mere inconvenience with many opportunities for the US in the not–too–distant future.
But the underlying phobia of “Another Mariel” of some within the administration is real:

His stance has triggered some private grumbling in the administration that this was not promoting the U.S. national interest of averting a flood of migrants from Cuba.

This myopic vision of what constitutes American national interests needs to be challenged. America’s interests have always been to stand for freedom. A free and democratic Cuba is what will bring a lasting stability and serve America’s, (and I mean the continent), interest. Those within the government that would trade a false short –term stability for freedom need to be reminded that they are going against the core values that this Nation was founded on.

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  1. The problem is those “career diplomats” at the State Department. No somos santos de su devocion.

  2. -“I think we ought to be pressing hard for democracy.””

    Hate to throw water on this optimistic view that these words amount to a “clarification” of policy, but this is hardly any comfort to me. In fact, it’s a total effort in more verbal panderingness.

    Hey, MR. BOOOSHHH! You want to make me a believer in your “we ought to be PRESSING HARD for democracy” in Cuba pronouncement – THEN DO THIS:
    1. Put that base you’ve had on Cuban soil and right up Castro’s ass for 50 years now to SOME GOOD USE for the Cuban people for ONCE!
    2. Clear out all the rag-heads out of Guantanamo and send them to a Middle East GULAG away from the tentacles of the U.S. court system.
    3. Establish recruitment and training of all CUBAN RAFTERS and EXILES that want to LIBERATE at least ONE SQUARE MILE of Cuban soil.
    4. Provide all the equipment necessary to these freedom fighters to launch a GROUND ATTACK from that base on Cuban soil, this time with complete air support that was denied to them in 1961.
    5. Watch the liberation of Cuba take place within 24 hours!

  3. LaConchita!!!!
    I am never at a loss for words, but you said it all perfectly.
    Bush clarifed that it is the same ol same ol.

  4. Potato, Conchita
    Read what I said the other night: We don’t know the terms of the treaty that ended the Cuban Missile crisis, and I’ll bet it involved allowing some kind of awful consequence for the US were they to cause harm to or allow harm to come to fidel castro (My guess is an ICBM or two allowed to remain in Cuba).
    Fortunately, whatever terms those were will apparently die with fidel. It is only a matter of waiting, watching, and keeping Cuba’s biggest creditors advised.

  5. Tks George.
    You know, it dawned on me one day not too long ago, that NO ONE has made an issue of the fact that the U.S. has had that base in Guantanamo, Cuba – and what it has meant – and what it has NOT meant – during these past 48 years of Castro’s tyranny.
    It’s become some sort of totally acceptable, unexplainable, and unquestionable fact of life without much (or any) deep thought given to it – much like belly-button lint!
    I believe that this ‘unquestionable fact’ has been one of THE most, if not MOST, overlooked and mis-used leverage of power in the history of our hemisphere.

  6. I worry about Fred (“Patria o Muerte”) Thompson:
    “Florida’s Cuban population took another hit when, Republican presidential aspirant Fred Thompson told a crowd in South Carolina on Wednesday that he was concerned about thousands of illegal immigrants coming from Cuba.
    “I don’t imagine they’re coming here to bring greetings from Castro. We’re living in the era of the suitcase bomb,” he said.
    Under U.S. policy, Cubans who reach U.S. soil illegally are generally allowed to stay. Those stopped at sea are sent back.
    “That just shows his ignorance. When he comes to Florida, he’s going to have to answer to Cubans about what he meant,” said State Rep. Rene Garcia, a Cuban-American who heads the Florida Legislature’s Hispanic Caucus. “It’s offensive to me and other immigrants.””

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