7 thoughts on “The Police, Enforcing insensitivity”

  1. Sting should have an embroidered Cuban State Security G-2 emblem on his Fidel caps to make them appear more authentic.

  2. Tremendo error publicitario a quien se le habra ocurrido semejante cosa… Ahora , no entiendo porque la bautizan fidel’s cap? lo unico que puedo pensar es los colores del mov 26 de julio
    profesor de la cova ayudeme a entender esto?
    Pensaran donar los proceeds de la venta para ayudar al pueblo de cuba?

  3. Esto es un tremendo insulto, disgusto, y descaradadismo contro todo el pueblo Cubano que ya basta esta sufriendo bajo el tiranismo Castrista.

  4. The good thing about all these pinkos is that they are all non-producing utopic morons, utopias ignore something known since Newton’s time: gravity. The world just cannot live off bullshit and these “progressives” because the way their non-technical pea-sized brains are wired just can’t provide a single idea to feed humanity consequently all the catastros (or catastrophes) they have caused with nothing to offer but bullshit intellectual music, prophylactics and earth shaking pronouncements by HS dropout Sean Penndejo, these parasites just don’t serve a single kilowatt without a blackout, a bushel of corn that is not rotten, water without dengue and mosquitoes, sewer systems that don’t back-up, highways that don’t have craters or medicine that is not expired so next time you debate one of these knuckleheads examine what it is they do for the world other than bullshit, you will see liberal arts degrees or not even a HS diploma as with Sean Penndejo above, if lucky you will find a latrine economist like Marx but never an Adam Smith or a Thomas Edison, lastly what could you expect of a band that sings “Piojo, Piojo” 100 times in one song other than to pretend deep intellect concern for a repressive bankrupt state, screw the liberal inteligentsia they give us nothing but bullshit what we need is more farmers, mechanics, engineers, math teachers and doctors and less of these leeches.

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