One month down and all is well

For our readers not living in South Florida the months of June through November hold no special quality; for us, however, June 1 through November 30 means Hurricane season, and 2007 was predicted to be pretty bad. My family is better prepared for hurricane season than we’ve ever been: a new metal roof (no more flying shingles), a generator, plenty of supplies, an extra propane tank for my grill.
But I’m happy to note that we’re one month into the season with no storms. Let’s pray that the trend continues.

3 thoughts on “One month down and all is well”

  1. But….but…..but….global warming! Dammit, did Bush forget how to make his hurricane machine work?

  2. After being left homeless by Andrew, I was going to make sure I NEVER HAVE TO HUNKER DOWN AGAIN! Now I live in an evacuation zone. So as soon as I see them come off the coast of Africa, I make reservations and GET OUT OF THE WAY.

  3. Aw, gee, I’ll be in the hurricane zone for 2 weeks down there, PLEASE talk to the Gods of Foul Weather and have them send it to PA while I’m not here!

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