We told you so

We’re just fucking prophets, don’t you know.
This blog, other Cuban-American blogs, along with the superb work of several Venezuelan blogs, have been warning whomever would listen that hugo chavez was a clear and present danger to this country and to the hemisphere itself. It wasn’t enough that his alliance with fidel was poo-pooed by the light-in-the-loafers-liberal set, we were called every name in the book for our “hard-line” and “intransigent” stance on him.
Well chavez has now completed an alliance with Iran, potentially the greatest enemy the West has seen since Adolf Hitler, where they will unite to defeat “imperialism” in the world:

The presidents of Iran and Venezuela launched construction of a joint petrochemical plant on Monday, strengthening an “axis of unity” between two oil-rich nations staunchly opposed to the United States.
Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez and Iran’s Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who both often rail against Washington, also signed a series of other deals to expand economic cooperation, ranging from setting up a dairy factory in Venezuela to forming an oil company.
“The two countries will united defeat the imperialism of North America,” a beaming Chavez told a news conference during an official visit to the Islamic Republic, which the United States has labeled part of an “axis of evil”.

This is what comes of appeasement and cowardice. Too much diplomacy, with no teeth. Read the whole vile thing here.

5 thoughts on “We told you so”

  1. I have been reading this blog for years and one of the criticism I have is that the “F” word is used too much here. Is there really any need for it? Saying “con~o” is one thing, that’s OK, but “F” just brings everything down a couple of notches. “Con~o” is funny and colorful – “F” is just plain dirty, something that is immature and best left for people who write on Daily Kos or watch Michael Moore films.

  2. This Catholic school stuff worked forty years ago, but not today. Don’t try to control my speech. If I choose to use the word “fuck” then I’ll do so, in the context or quantity I wish. It’s a word. It has no power unless you give it power. If it offends, then ignore it. That is the essence of America.
    You have the right not to use a word that offends you, and I respect that; but you have to respect my right to write whatever I want.

  3. People thought I was out of reality Feb2006 when I joined the contributor team, with a piece on South America as a sleeping threats.
    ño, maybe we just have more “malicia” than the rest of the bunch. Experience has taught us to look beyond….
    Mandingo, I can understand your concern. But for George to say something w/o the F word, well, it just wouldn’t be George. That’s how I know a piece is his, before I get to the byline!

  4. El indio torpe y seboruco posa con su camisa roja junto Ah’m-a-demon-job before the MSM lenses eating it up. They’re giving him the same press and misplaced importance they did to kasstro. Deja vu.
    Meanwhile at the funny farm, our state dept keeps conducting an embarassing shuttle Mickey Mouse diplomacy in every God-forsaken corner of the planet except the backyard. Clink the wine glass with all those vipers and smile for the camera… and forget your WWII history. How moronic.

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