1 thought on “More pics of Cuban Sickos”

  1. I was flying back to California from a business trip and next to me sitting was an average Anglo American women who I spoke with about this, that and the other. She asked me where I have traveled and told me that recently she had traveled to Cuba thru Mexico illegally. After she found out that I am American born of Cuban parents, she spoke highly about Cuba and how there are NO homeless people on the streets. I gave it to her and said ‘You are not justifying Cuba’s government by telling me that there are no homeless people on the streets, are you?’ I told her that the Cuban governments’ propaganda is full of lies that only the tourists seem to believe. I told her that there may not be many or no homeless in Cuba but that the majority of the population live in poverty. I said ‘How is that for equality?’ Communism has made most in Cuba equally poor and in need of most necessities that we take for granted. She mentioned the free healthcare and I let her have it too! Maybe now she won’t open her mouth to defend the Cuban government and will be more patriotic of what this capitalist nation has provided her with!
    Anyways, it was a long and frustrating conversation. I did not win, but she did not walk away thinking I was going to believe the crap she was fed while in Cuba.
    The pictures on this thread show homeless people on the streets and a healthcare system that is bankrupt!

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