Cuba, an environmentalists nightmare

Anybody that would repeat the utter tripe that “Cuba has solved its energy crisis without sacrificing its environment” is not a journalist but a dolt. First of all to say that Cuba has solved anything is ridiculous. It would imply that other governments can do what Cuba has done. So what has Cuba done? It’s cozied up to another dictator that supplies all of its oil needs for free or almost free. And as for Cuban environmentalism, it’s a funny thing. fidel’s daughter, Alina Fernandez Revuelta was talking about the ecological mess that modern Cuba is, on her radio show the other night.

4 thoughts on “Cuba, an environmentalists nightmare”

  1. Castro solved the enviro problem the same way he solved medical and educational problem: by lying about it and jailing anyone who disagrees.

  2. Yes. This is another of Castro’s legacies. The utter destruction of Cuba’s flora and fauna. What’s more, before Castro rose to power, Cuba had one of the richest soils in the Americas. Cubans understood how to rotate the crops, so as not to exhaust the minerals in the soil. Castro of course–in his total wisdom that is praised so much by the MSM–stopped this rotation and as a result, Cuba’s soil is now depleted. But what is disturbing is that the MSM is so totally complicitous with the tyrant that even NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC a much respected scientific journal was lying a few years ago with a documentary that they made for PBS where they praised Cuba for its environmental consciousness.

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