Happy Birthday, America!

Today is this country’s birthday and I – just another one of America’s millions of adoptive sons – sit here wanting to write the perfect tribute, a birthday post dedicated to this Nation that has afforded me so much for so little in return. But what does a son get for the father that has it all? I’m too old for military service and have no sons or daughters to serve in my stead. I’m no brilliant scientist to offer a cure for anything in America’s name. I have but a few things to offer this Nation on its birthday. To some these may be intangibles, but to me, they are graspable, embraceable and carry the strength of true conviction:
Thank you, America. For the opportunity – the privilege – of living in freedom. A freedom your sons and daughters have given their all for.
I promise, America, to support and stand by your ideals. This freedom you’ve given me affords me many things, but most important, to me, is the freedom to choose to be an American. A choice I make with much pride and humility and one that bestows me the great honor of being among the ranks of those Americans that came before me, stand alongside me and will bless this country long after I am gone.
And I know it isnt said nearly enough as it should be, but I love you, America. You are, truly, the greatest country in the history of the Earth.
Please accept my humble birthday gift, America, wrapped in the shiny red, white and blue love expressed in the following humble words:
A Simple Piece of Parchment
At the Mall
The Pin
Harry G Adams, Aviation Machinists Mate 2nd Class, Corsair Squadron of the USS Boxer in the Pacific Theater, WWII.
Memorial Weekend

7 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, America!”

  1. Val, I have ancesters that fought in the American Revolution, the American Civil War (both sides), WWI, and my father and only Uncle fought in WWII (my dad worked on the Mahattan project, my uncle chased Japaneese subs in the north Pacific on a crappy little Coast Guard Cutter). I like to think they all did this so you and I, my friend, could live free and productive lives.
    Happy Birthday to us.

  2. Val,
    My ancestors came to America in the 1600’s, and I am an adoptive son of America as well.
    All of us who care for freedom, liberty, the pursuit of happiness and the rule of law and democracy are adoptive children of America.
    It is a high honor to be an American with a person like you.

  3. That literally brought tears to my eyes. On this day especially, it brings home what America is all about. Happy Birthday to all my American brothers and sisters out there. Let Freedom Ring!

  4. Your “thank-you” brought tears to my eyes.
    God Bless you. Our beautiful nation would not exist or thrive without new citizens like yourself!
    As an American with Native American ancestry, English, Irish and Scottish..ancestors who fought in the Revolutionary War, a grandmother who came from Northern Ireland post WWI I welcome all who truely love the USA and want to join our glorious, loving quilt of mankind.

  5. A good deal of credit for America being the great nation that it is goes to folks like yourself who come here and strengthen the nation. Thanks for coming.

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