A plea from Hilda Molina’s Mother

Anyone who thinks fidel castro cares one whit about Cuban families only need to read this heartbreaking plea from Hilda Morejón Serantes, Hilda Molina’s mother. She’s an 88-year-old wheel chair bound woman, held hostage by the castro regime. She just wants to see her grandchildren and great grandchildren before she dies. She’s requested help from Bishops attending the Latin American Episcopal Conference scheduled for July 10 in Havana.
Apologies to our English only readers, the article is in Spanish. She’s pleading to them for help, asking them to intercede on her behalf so that she, and hopefully her daughter as well, may travel to Argentina to visit their family. She is suffering desperately, and cannot die in peace without seeing them.
The castro regime’s cruelty is heartbreaking. So too is the worlds silence. When will it end?
Read it here and weep.

H/T: Cubaverdad

2 thoughts on “A plea from Hilda Molina’s Mother”

  1. Ziva,
    It is indeed a sad situation, particularly for the elderly woman. What makes this case even more interesting, however, is that Dr. Hilda Molina was once-upon-a-time a high ranking member of the Cuban Communist Party, and even a member of the Asamblea Nacional.
    If that is how they treat their own, imagine how much more difficult it is for ordinary Cubans, particularly doctors who wish to rejoin their loved ones outside of Cuba.

  2. Dr. Molina’s knowledge of the Cuban neurological experiments ala Mengele is the death of any hope she would have to make it out of the country. The good doctor knows too much.

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