The cruelty never ends … nor surprises

A hero of the Cuban people, former political prisoner Jorge Luis García Pérez “Antúnez”, has begun a hunger strike to demand the return of his former home.
Via Cuban Democratic Directorate:

Placetas. July 4, 2007. Former political prisoner and prisoner of conscience Jorge Luis García Pérez “Antúnez” began a hunger strike late afternoon yesterday, July 3rd, claiming his house, which was expropriated by neighbors with the consent of the political police while he was imprisoned. His house belonged to his mother, who died while he was serving his unjust sentence of 17 years. “Antúnez” demands that his property by given back to him so that he and his sister, Caridad García Pérez, who suffers from mental retardation, can live in it.
“When I went to prison, I was abruptly taken from there. That house was never sold. I simply demand that my house be returned to me because I was taken from there against my will”, declared “Antúnez” from Cuba during the radio program “Barrio Adentro” on “Radio República”, voice of the Cuban Democratic Directorate, which transmits through short wave signals to the Island.
Antúnez’s legal identification card contains the address of this house as his legal residence, which is located on Street #4 North, Number 104, between 5th and 6th West, Placetas, Villa Clara. The former political prisoner expressed his determination to obtain what is rightfully and legally his.
“I am on a hunger strike and will not renounce it until the Cuban authorities give me back what is mine. I am not asking for a dictionary, or a computer, I am simply asking for what is mine, my home,” concluded “Antúnez”.

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  1. I couldn’t figure out to get a message to them but Discovery Network a couple months ago asserted in a program about Cuba that Cubans own their own homes in Cuba. How do you own a home when the government lets the neighbors steal it while you are unjustly imprisoned?

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