5 thoughts on “Is Oscar Biscet having a ball, Cindy?”

  1. Thanks for posting this. And to add fuel to the fire Cindy’s trip was arranged by Charles Rangel who is in the pay of Castro!

  2. I no know Ceendee. I no want to know Ceendee. But, she ees stoopid.
    Her writing reveals her to be the typical uninformed American racist. An unintelligent, shallow name dropper. You can tell she is just thrilled to feel superior amidst all those adorable and happy brown natives. They don’t matter. They are there only for her enjoyment.

  3. Altogether now…..email the NY Post and Cindy Adams.
    This gossip maven may be ignorant, but we can straighten her
    out with a massive deluge of emails.

  4. Ditzy Queen of the Inane, she sounds more like Cindy Sheehan….. typical gringa ignorante; life in Cuba is a party, don’t you know?
    She didn’t even notice that EVERYTHING around her is 50 years behind the times — she actually thought it was quaint. Que imbecil. Didn’t even do background check before she landed.

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